[VIDEO] – Step 1 In Fixing Sore Elbows Or Tweaky Biceps… Or…

… anything else wrong with your KB exercises really.

(Except the Get Up.)

Last week I told you I’d make you a quick video or two about
how to fix your cleans and snatches so you wouldn’t tweak
your elbows or biceps.

Well, I hope you don’t mind, I took the liberty of putting a
whole series together. It just seemed the natural thing to

Video 1 covers the proper set up.

Remember, the key to successful KB workouts is to get your
technique right from the start.

This video will ensure you do that.

Plus, I cover probably the most common mistake I still see on
the set up – make sure you’re not making it.

Check out the first video here.

Talk soon.


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