[VIDEO] The 3 F’s Of Fear (Bet You Don’t Know The 3rd One)

It’s finally up!

First, my apologies for getting this out to you so late.

Yesterday we had a massive hail storm here in the mountains
(8 inches) and I had to go rescue my wife and kids who
were stuck out in it.

Then I had problems uploading the video to my tech guy
because the file was so large.

But we finally got this interview for you.

Wednesday I was able to get Mike Gillette on the horn
(Skype) and do a deep dive into the human mind.

Specifically –

We discussed the 3 F’s of Fear:

Fight… Flight… and _______.

I’ve only ever heard one person discuss the 3rd one and
and it was in the context of physical danger.

Unfortunately – this 3rd F manifests itself in much more
insidious places than the arena of physical danger.

And it’s one of the reasons you might be experiencing
frustration and lack of results not only with your KB workouts
but with other areas of your life.

Watch the video here.

WARNING: Mike and I take this DEEP.

In fact, I don’t think you can watch this video and not come
away changed – a better man or woman for it

If you feel like something’s holding you back from getting
the results you’re expecting in your KB training or other
areas of your life, it’s most likely the 3rd F.

Mike identifies it for you here in this video and then tells
you exactly how to overcome it.

I’m 100% certain you’ll enjoy watching this interview as much
as we did making it for you.

Identify and overcome the 3rd “F” of Fear here.

Talk soon.


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