[VIDEO] This KB Exercise Is Arguably The BEST For…

Sorry I didn’t get an email out to you yesterday –
CRAZY day.

I had some tech difficulties in the morning and
then while I was making more videos for you
we had EVEN MORE tech difficulties.

It was literally a day where Murphy’s Law was
in full effect.

Mics not working… Sim cards running out of
space… Needing more extension cords… And
so on…

Anyway, the new videos are going to be awesome –

You’re really going to enjoy them and they will
REVOLUTIONIZE your kettlebell training.

(The cameraman, who uses KBs regularly, was
blown away –

He said he’d never seen anything like it and
couldn’t wait to try some of the stuff in his own

More on those later.

In the meantime, here’s another important video
for you –

=> http://kettlebellsecrets.com/fsq

It’s about the BEST KB exercise to increase
your overall strength (which of course means
it’s a double KB exercise).

Practicing this exercise routinely will:

– Increase your Press numbers
– Increase your Snatch numbers
– Increase your abdominal strength (especially
when you do it properly)
– Improve ALL your overhead work, like Push
Presses and Jerks
– Improve your conditioning levels (making
timed tests feel THAT much easier)

Oh yeah, and of course, if you’re in a hyper-caloric
state, it’ll help you rip off some body fat.

=> http://kettlebellsecrets.com/fsq

In fact, just spending some time doing this
one exercise, will make ALL your KB
exercises stronger.

Watch the video and tell me what you think.

=> http://kettlebellsecrets.com/fsq

Gotta run – heading to Richmond, VA today
to teach a couple of seminars tomorrow.

Have a great weekend.


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