Videos Project Update And Q About “Leg Popping” On The GU…

Well… I actually wanted to have those videos ready for you yesterday
but no such luck.

Why not?

Well if you know me you’ll know that I am far from a tech savvy guy, 
which is one of the reasons I love kettlebells so much – no moving
parts. :-)

So… One of my friends who’s actually in media, is helping me with
these videos – editing, rendering (don’t know what that is, but he 
used the word, so it must be important) and uploading to the ol’

And, because this project is so near and dear to my heart, I actually
went out and bought a brand new camera – a real camcorder instead 
of using my Flip or my iPhone. (Bought a tripod too instead of 
jerry-rigging the phone to sit on top of my water cooler or medicine 
ball stand. LOL…)

Yup, nothing but top notch for you. :-)

Anyway, therein lies the problem.

Like I mentioned, there’s A LOT of video footage here – right around
3 hours. And there are 17 videos.

The longest video was the largest file – over 20GB. 

Yeah, that’s right – over 20GB.

So the files had to be – and forgive me because I’m probably going
to get this wrong due to my lack of technical education – re-rendered
so they could be sent from the video guy to my tech guy.

I don’t know how this whole process works exactly, all I know is that
we had to use several different file sharing services because the files
are so big.

I just talked to my tech guy and he’s STILL uploading them to the


Looks like we’re going to be delayed until probably tomorrow, barring
any unforeseen technical difficulties. 

In the meantime, here’s a question I got from Lisa K. yesterday:

Great question, Lisa.

First, way to go to set your eyes on a goal of getting your SFG I and
getting professional help to reach your goal. You’re going to get
there so much faster than someone who’s just training on their
own and guessing. 

To your question:

That’s a great cue that your trainer gave you and it works for many

Based on your description, it sounds like your leg is popping up 
from the floor.

More often than not this is due to hypertonic (tight) hip flexors 
trying to do two jobs at once: Flex the hip and stabilize the pelvis.

(This is WAY more common than you think. There are lots of 
movement dysfunctions that are common to us all because most
of us live in similar environments.)

It’s the second one that’s the problem.

Pelvic stabilization is the role of the deep abdominal stabilizers
known as the “inner unit.” They contract reflexively (subconsciously
and automatically) to keep the torso one rigid unit – like a cylinder -
to help protect the spine.

So the leg popping up is more often than not a case of a loss
of reflexive core stability.

Therefore, you can use a bunch of great cues like this one and 
still not see the results you’re looking for because you have a 
subconscious (reflexive) issue that you cannot correct with a 
conscious (feed-forward) strategy.

Anyway, without actually watching you move, that’s my best 
guess on paper.

How would you test this out? And how would you fix it?


Put yourself in a position that “forces” your body to reflexively
activate its deep abdominal stabilizers then test it.

There are some really good exercises to help with this, but
one of them is the Dead Bug.

I’ll include a link to a video I made last year at the end of this
email that shows you how to do them.

Do a Get Up, then do some Dead Bugs and see if that leg
remains on the ground. 

I’ve seen this fix this particular issue more often than not.

In fact, my leg used to pop up while doing heavy GU’s and 
this was one of the things that helped me fix that.
I hope that helps you out, Lisa.

It’s questions like these that made me decide to get off my
can and make this new video series for you based on the 
4-Stage Cycle For Perpetual Results we covered last week.

(I hope you got those. If not, go back and check your email.

Some of my readers said it was some of, if not the best “free”
information they’d gotten about their KB training.) 

Everybody needs help to achieve their goals – including me, 
which is why I have a coach. None of us are in this alone. 

So keep an eye out on your inbox for those videos.

Speaking of – 

Here’s that video of the Dead Bug I told you about earlier.

Off for a quick training session.

Talk soon.


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