Waited 20 Years For This! [PIC]


Finally got to our new home last week!

Well, actually just spent the first night in it Sunday night. After
not sleeping in my own bed for the last 10 nights, my bed
never felt so good.

But I have to admit, one of the first things I got set up
was my new garage gym – here’s a pic:

Notice all the pairs of kettlebells?

That’s for a very specific reason, which I’ll tell you about
in a minute.

Anyway, hard to believe that I’ve been waiting 20 years for
this thing.

I guess it’s true – all good things come to those who wait.


Speaking of, waiting – the inability to do so is the #1
reason most people never reach their goals.

We live in the iWorld where everything is instant.

Think about it – just about anything you want you can
get now at the push of a button.

Except results.

They take time.

And Patience.

And that means waiting.

You can however speed up your results and shorten the
waiting process.

Here’s one way:

Focus on the “Big Rocks.”

What are the “Big Rocks?”

Those are the things that make the biggest difference
or the biggest impact on your training.

Unfortunately, the Big Rocks are also sometimes hard
to do.

Or at least they’re perceived that way.

And you know what they say about perception – your
perception is your reality.

Now back to those pairs of kettlebells.

The Big Rocks in kettlebell training – or should I say the
biggest rock of them all – is not the Swing.

Swings are easy.

Nope, the Biggest Rock Of Them All (BROTA – sounds
like Hulk Hogan… ) is the double KB Front Squat.

It is the foundation for ALL your double KB work.

Unfortunately, many people will dismiss that cause it’s
“too hard.”

That’s a shame cause the DFSQ will work EVERY single
muscle in your body in record time –

– Hips
– Legs
– Arms
– Shoulders
– Back
– even Chest, (yes, chest)

So if you want to shorten, even shortcut, the waiting
process – start adding the DFSQ into your program.

Heck, you could even make it your program for a little
while – especially if you’ve stalled out.

Nothing super crazy either.

Start with something really simple and easy to do –

3 sets of 3 and work up to 5 sets of 5 smooth, controlled,
paused at the bottom Front Squats.

Then stand back and amaze yourself at how you are
“suddenly” seeing results again.

Gotta run. Lots of unpacking left to do…


P.S. The Double Front Squat is truly an awesome exercise.
Unfortunately, most people – probably even you – do it
wrong. They push their butts out and sit back, like a barbell
power squat.

This DECREASES your leverage and ROBS you of your

There are at least 5 cues you need to implement to maximize
your squatting ability, and therefore your results.

They’re all included along with many other subtle, yet powerful
cues in “Kettlebell STRONG!” – which I’ve recently put back
on the market. (Short but funny story which I’ll tell you about


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