Weekend Edition – Stress-Busting KB Workouts (Details Inside)

The Holiday Season is upon us – Thanksgiving is
in less than 2 weeks. Christmas is 4 weeks after

Other than spending time with family and
being tempted to overeat with all those great
foods – this time of year can only mean one
thing –


Well you don’t have to let all the hustle n’
bustle drag you down.

You don’t have to miss workouts.

You just have to do Strategic Stress Busting
Workouts (TM).

These workouts do the following –

1. Save you time – they’re short enough to fit
into your hectic holiday schedule.

How’s one hour a week sound to you?

2. Make you feel like you get your workout –
let’s face it, to “bust stress” sometimes you
need to just “get your workout on” –

Know what I mean?

You just gotta get a good sweat going.

3. Get you Stronger AND Leaner by using carefully
applied (and researched) scientific principles.

No “random acts of variety” here – just “purposeful
progression” designed to ramp up all the necessary
hormones to make you feel good and look and
perform better.

Read all about them here.

Talk soon.


P.S. That’s not a real (TM) – it just looks
more “official”. ;-)

The workouts are real though.

Learn about them here.

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