Phew – I hope your week went better than mine!

I spent a good deal of it fighting the flu and sleeping.

(I beat it by the way. :-] )

Which explains the lack of emails.

Sometimes, you have to just fight with everything you’ve got and not give in.

As a result, I’m brimming over with productivity today.

So real quick – if you’re week didn’t go as planned and you found yourself “behind” in your workouts – then grab the one below.

It’s really simple, pretty challenging, and requires practically zero technique.

And, more importantly, there’s a 99% chance it’s different from anything you’ve been doing lately.

#111 – Carry On Carrying On

– You’ll need 2 KBs
– Go outside and pick a 20 yard course (put a coat on if you need to)
– Pick up your 2 KBs and walk 20 yards
– Put 1 KB down, maintaining good form
– Turn around and walk another 20 yards
– Put the other KB down (no KBs in your hands)
– Turn around and walk back to get the first KB
– Pick up the KB, turn around, and walk back to the second KB
– Holding the first KB, pick up the second KB
– Turn around, walk back to where the first KB was while holding both KBs
– Put the first KB down, while still holding on to the second KB
– Then turn around, walk back to where the second KB was, and put it down. You’ll have no KBs in your hands at this point
– Repeat for 15 minutes without stoppingYour midsection will thank you tomorrow.


Stay Strong,

P.S. If you only have one KB, then you can modify this by simply walking the course, but putting the KB down after each 20 yards and picking it up and carrying it in the opposite hand.

Still challenging!

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