Weird Cue On The KB Squat That Makes A Big Strength Difference And… [PICS]

… that means a big difference for fat loss too.

In case you’re wondering the correlation – here’s a quick
refresher if you’ve never heard it.

The stronger you are, the more force you can produce.

The more force you can produce, the more work you can do.

The more work you can do, the more calories you can burn.

The more calories you can burn, the more fat you will lose.

Simple really.

Ok, back to the weird cue on the KB Squat – particularly the
Front Squat (also the Goblet Squat).

Below you’ll see 2 pics of me squatting with a pair of 32s.


The first one – on the left – was taken in early 2009 for my
book “Kettlebell Muscle.”

The second – on the right – was taken in late 2012 for “Kettlebell

Can you tell the difference?

Before I tell you the difference and why it matters to you,
let me give you a little background on the pics…

The KM one was taken when I was not physically doing
well. I was about 210-215 and weak. Those 32s did not
feel light. (I could barely snatch them for the photo shoot.)

The KS one was taken after I’d rehabbed my hips, knees
and lower back. That day I was about 198-199lb. And
the 32s felt light. (I snatched them at the photo shoot for
either 8 or 10 reps in a row and they were easy.)

So in the second picture, I’m older (a month away from 40)
and lighter, yet I was stronger – much stronger. And better

Here’s why that matters:

In the first pic I was using my head position to compensate
for weak abs.

In the second, I put my head in a position to take advantage
of my newly strengthened abs AND my posterior chain.

Can you tell the difference yet?

Look closely.

In the first my eyes are down.

This means my head is forward and flexed.

And if you look at my upper back, you can see that it looks
almost rounded.

This makes it challenging to get the KBs close to your center
of gravity, which makes it harder to stay upright.

It also has a tendency to put more stress on your lower back.

(Not good.)

What that also means is you’ll have a tendency to let your butt
shoot up first when you stand up out of the hole.

That means your torso will pitch forward and the KBs will
have a hard time staying in the rack. They’ll naturally want
to peel away from your body and drop on to the floor (hopefully
not your feet).

When this happens, it’s also quite possible that your instinct
will be to try to save the bells – to keep them in the rack –

Which is an awesome way to hurt your elbows, shoulders, and/
or lower back.

So what do you do instead?

What I’m doing in the “hippie” picture. (The second one with
longish hair):

You lift your chin up and pull your head back, keeping your
eyes forward and even slightly up.

See, told you – kinda weird.

Who’d think head position would matter all that much?

Well it does – BIG TIME.


Because your body follows your head.

And your head follows your eyes.

Assuming your reflexes are working properly. (Another topic
of conversation for another time.)

So when your eyes and head are up, you can stay more
upright in the squat.

This may not sound like that big of a deal.

It is.


Because many people learn how to squat by using the Goblet
Squat and they are often looking down to shift their feet and
pry themselves into the best position.

And that becomes habit.

You can get away with it with a Goblet Squat because you can
and in most cases will – move the KB further or closer away
from your body to provide the appropriate counter-balance.

You can’t do that with a pair of KBs in the Front Squat.

And all this means that when you keep your eyes and head
up instead of down, the KBs stay closer to your center of
mass enabling you to stay more upright.

And that makes it easier to stand up.

Because you’re not fighting yourself or a pair of unwieldy KBs.

Believe it or not, there are 11 more critically important cues
for mastering the Double KB Front Squat.

You’ll want to learn them all so you can get stronger and do
more work –

So you can of course get stronger and even lose more fat.

(Think about it…)

I’ve included them all and the top 4 most common mistakes
people make on the Front Squat (and how to fix them) in the
3.5 hour 2-DVD and 89-page book set called “Kettlebell

When you want to take your training – and more importantly
your results – to that “next level” –

You’ll want to get a copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!”.

While you’re waiting for your order to arrive (5-7 business
days in the US and 15-25 business days international) – give
this eye/head cue a shot and get back to me with your results.

Talk soon.


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