What Are You Expecting?

Or rather, what’s your expectation?

About what?


Your workouts.

Your results.

What you believe will dictate your outcome – your results.

No, this isn’t some kind of goofy “self-help” feel good talk

This is hard science.

I just picked up a book last week on neuroscience, called,
“Switch On Your Brain” by Dr Carolyn Leaf, a cognitive
neuroscientist with a PhD in Communication Pathology
specializing in Neuropsychology, who has been studying and
researching the mind-brain connection since the 1980’s.


So it’s safe to say she has a better-than-good handle on how
this whole mind thing operates…

Check this out –

Your thoughts literally control your body on a cellular level.

Here’s some of the latest scientific research:

– They can turn on or turn off gene expression.

– DNA actually changes shape according to our thoughts.

– Negative thinking leads to stress, which inhibits our body’s
natural healing capacities.

– 75 to 98% of mental, physical, and behavioral illness comes
from one’s thought life.

– The process of thinking generates electromagnetic, electro-
chemical, and quantum action, all of which can be and have
been measured.

– Our genes are constantly being remodeled according to our
life experiences.

Interesting stuff, no?

Of course, there’s much, much, much more than this – this is
just a taste.

Here’s how this plays out in real life:

Think you don’t have time to work out even though you have
168 hours in the week to account for?

You won’t have time.

Think it’s hard to get results? Lose that fat you want?

It will be. Your subconscious will look for ways to sabotage
you. (Let’s be clear here, YOU are still sabotaging YOU.)

Like stopping on the way home at the drive-thru or foraging
in the break room for candy, chips, or other snack foods, or
“finding” reasons to skip your workouts. (“I’m too busy…”)

Worse yet, it is possible that you could actually make yourself
“resistant” to certain types of foods, like carbs, by changing
the way your body responds to them.

Sounds crazy, but it’s true. And it should be absolutely
liberating because it puts the ball in your court and gives
you the power to change almost everything in life that you’re
unsatisfied with.

Here’s another example:

Many people think “Kettlebell STRONG!” is too expensive.

“$97 is a lot of money!”

It is.

Relatively speaking.

Relative to what?

– Relative to learning these techniques from me one-on-one.

– Relative to learning these techniques from a regular KB
instructor. (They won’t / don’t know them.)

– Relative to the number of hours you’ll spend trolling the
interwebz looking for detailed instructional videos on the
double KB lifts. (They don’t exist – not DETAILED ones.)

– Relative to learning why you can’t perform a particular
lift and how to correct your mistakes and how much time
and frustration you’ll experience in the coming months
trying to figure this out on your own or getting free
advice on forums

– Relative to spending who knows how long struggling to
get the results you want – results that increase your
strength, get you leaner without trying, and incidentally
improve your conditioning.

But don’t take my word for it – you’d expect me to say that
stuff, right?

After all, I’m just trying to “sell you something” – you wouldn’t
expect me to be looking after your self-interest – doing what’s
best for you would you?

Here’s what proud owners of “Kettlebell STRONG!” have said
about it –


Wow!!!!!! Best program I have ever done. I am 41 years old and
have been lifting weights since I was 18. I completed the
“Strong” program with a max rep of 10 clean and presses. I
then started the “Slow and Steady” program and had to stop
at workout 17 due to family and work commitments. I started
from the beginning and just finished up workout 22. Not only
do I feel stronger but I feel better. I have gained about four
pounds of muscle with no changes to my diet. The videos and
companion book are priceless, they are easy to understand and
very helpful. Being that I live in Eastern NC and have not been
able to locate a kettlebell instructor within a two and a-half
hour drive from my house I would like to thank you for being my
coach and putting Kettlebell Strong together. Another thanks to
you and Tim for putting Original Strength together, my quality
of life has increased dramatically since I have started using
both of these great resources.

May God bless you always,
Doug Niethammer”

“I really think your Kettlebell Strong DVD/Book is the best
instructional KB material I have ever bought. You do such a
clear, concise way of presenting each technique. I wish this
stuff had been around when I first started KB’s years ago, it
would have saved me a lot of pain and wasted time.”

- Phil Gilliland
“I am six weeks in to STRONG/The One and I am seeing results
that have stunned me.”

- Charlton Hoag

“Hello there Mr. Neupert!
I just wanted to thanks so much for putting KB Strong together
and all the other products I have picked up from you the past
year (KBurn Extreme, More KB muscle..). I never thought I
would ever be strong enough to become an RKC or now an SFG, but
thanks to your products I have become leaner and stronger than
ever before. I’m 34 now, so it’ s kinda a big deal since I
have a family and a child (possibly more in the future) that
I want to inspire. Your work has also helped me become a much
better personal trainer, and earlier this month I did the SFG
cert under Pavel and Dan John and passed! That weekend was
tough, but there was never really a doubt in my mind that I
wouldn’t make it. All the complex work got my conditioning
set for the snatch test, and KB Strong totally gave me
everything I needed to make sure my form was up to snuff.
All this with just your products. I had no one to coach me
except you, in a way. So, I say all that to say “Thanks!” I
pray God continues to bless your work!
Bruce Salazar SFG”

Your kettlebell strong program is honestly the best and most
comprehensive of all of your programs. The detail in the book
and the DVD is amazing. I seriously love this program.”

- Jeff Brewer

“”Kettlebell Strong” is absolutely masterful. The most thorough
and clear double kettlebell instruction I’ve ever seen.”

- Bill Been

“Also the DVD’s are brilliant, I am impressed with the amount
of data in these two disc’s, I have purchased other DVD’s from
other companies but nothing matches your work, thank you.

Regards, Gary Williamson”

There are more testimonials like these of course.

And I value each and every one of them.

They validate what I set out to do when I made “Kettlebell
STRONG!” for you –

Provide you with the absolute best technique and technical
information about double kettlebell training and programming
available on the market today, based on 20 years of hands-on
in-the-trenches strength training.

If you expect to get stronger and learn the double KB lifts
in an easy-to-digest format – both from a coaching perspective
and from an “ease of use” perspective, then get your copy of

You won’t be disappointed.

Talk soon.


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