What Are You REALLY Training For?

Seems to me youth is wasted on the young.

Or at least it was me.

Being over 40 (Shock! Horror! Gasp!) I wish I knew 20
years ago what I know now.

Here’s the BIG idea I’ve had rolling around in my head

Long-term v. Short-term Performance

When I was young, I only cared about my numbers in
the weight room – how much weight was on the bar and
how many reps I could do with what.

And if I woke up the next morning and my joints were sore,
so what? It was a small price to pay for “greatness” –

Whatever my goals were.

About 3.5 years ago it all changed.

We were pregnant with our first child and I was a physical

Sore back, hips, and knees, regardless of how much or
who’s mobility work I was doing.

The constant beatdown by the heavier weights necessitated
a change in philosophy, ideology, and lifestyle.

Short-term performance is great.

It’s always good to have short-term goals.

When those goals interfere with your long-term goals (You
do have them, right?) – then it’s time to change

I suppose that’s one of the reasons kettlebells are so beneficial
for us “Over 40s” – heck – “over 35s” really.

If you’re in your mid-20s you don’t have high miles on you,
and you just have no idea what you don’t know and what
you’re missing –

Life experience.

That’s why KBs are so beneficial for us.

They accommodate and ameliorate those high-miles and
life experiences, regardless of how rugged the road
we traveled.

Slowly at first, restoring broken or thought-to-be-lost
movements, oiling rusty joints, and naturally stretching
used-to-be-stretchy, now stiff parts, the KB seems to
restore what life slowly stole away from us without us

For example, the other night, I had some excess energy
and so I just took a light-for-me KB out on the deck and
knocked off a few sets of 10+10 snatches – my all-time
favorite single KB lift.

It wasn’t hard in any way shape or form, rather refreshing,
a little late-night “relaxation” just before bed.

The rhythmic back-and-forth was almost hypnotic and yet,
a decade ago, I would power through these with my arms
because they hurt my lower back.

How times change…

A decade ago, kids weren’t even on our radar.

Today, we celebrate my son’s third birthday.

Hard to believe.

They grow up so fast.

Seems like just yesterday I was looking down at this little
bundle of joy in the delivery room after 56 hours of labor.
(Yes, my wife’s a champ.)

Maybe you have similar memories…

I hope you do and if so, I’m sure they’re as precious to you
as mine are to me.

What am I training for?

Long term performance.


My daughter is 4 months old.

I’ve got another 18 years or so I need to be in peak shape
with tons of energy – to spare.

Because these little ones don’t care if you’re tired.

And I want to keep up and not miss out.

That’s why I use simple, time-efficient programs that give
me maximum-bang-for-my-buck…

Programs that work with my body instead of against it.

I may not be young by the calendar anymore, but these types
of sensible programs sure make me feel like it again.

If you’re over 40 (or even over 35), you need programs that
add life to your life, not leave you feeling sore and beaten up.

You need programs like “Kettlebell STRONG!” to inject some
spring back into your step and help you prepare for the long

A great long-term goal/challenge that will build you up rather
than tear you down is being able to do the “STRONG!”
program with a pair of 32s if you’re a guy and a pair of 16s
if you’re a lady.

Strength. Stamina. Suppleness. Energy. Life.

That’s what you’ll get in return.

Check it out here.

Talk soon.


P.S. Off to the zoo today with the grandparents to celebrate the

boy’s birthday. It’s built into the side of the mountain so I’ll be
walking up hills all day long no doubt with the kids stuff strung
around me like a pack mule.

Good thing the heart, lungs, and legs have all been adequately

Prep yours for both your short and long-term adventures with

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