What Do James Bond, Aristotle, And KB Workouts Have In Common?

When I was a little kid there growing up in England I used
to watch this really cool TV show that was done with
marionettes (basically puppets that looked a lot like real
people) called “Stingray.”

Bear with me here as I relate to how it ties in to seeing
some major results with your KB training…

It was about a super submarine in the not-to-distant future
that foiled plots by bad guys.

There was always adventure and problem to overcome
and of course, it was always solved.

Think an underwater version of the early James Bond
movies (early-mid 1960s) for young boys –

All the action, all the adventure, none of the cruelty,
blood, or death.

(Interestingly enough, the lady who played the original
“Moneypenny” in James Bond is the voice of one of the
characters in this show.)

Ok, sorry, the nostalgic Bond-geek inside of me is
peeking out…

So back to matters at hand…

The opening credits always started with the following


And then a drum roll, and then of course, the action
of the show’s opening credits.

It was the perfect show for an 8 year old boy – especially
one who’s dad was in the military on the front lines of
the Cold War.

Which brings us to a major problem with many of our
kettlebell workouts –

Many of us are still “standing by for action.”

Standing – or more appropriately – sitting around waiting
for the “perfect” program or the “perfect” opportunity,
moment, or “feeling” to actually DO SOMETHING to
get us to the leaner, stronger body we signed up for
with this whole kettlebell thing.

Which brings squarely to –


Look, you can have all the vision and faith you want
in the world, but like that saying goes –

     “Faith without works is dead.”

(If you’re wondering what in the world I’m talking about
make sure you go back and read my last two emails.)

You gotta just get off your butt and DO your workouts,
whether you “feel like it” or not.


Because the ACTION is what makes your vision your

Read that again and let it sink in –

Your Action Makes Your Vision Your Reality.

Or you could say, your action determines your reality.

The opposite is also true –

Your IN-ACTION determines your reality also.

We all have areas of our lives that we’re dissatisfied with.

And under careful examination, those areas are probably,
maybe not in all cases, but certainly many, characterized
by inaction or apathy…

However, all the talking about your vision and believing
that it will happen won’t do a thing for you in the world unless
you actually get up and TAKE ACTION to move you toward
your goal –

DO the prescribed number swings and snatch to elevate
your metabolism to burn the extra fat around your middle…

DO those sets of presses – yet another day this week – to
push your strength capacity up so you can press half
your bodyweight…

Or DO those higher rep sets of snatches to build the
work capacity to snatch 200 reps in 10 minutes or less no
matter how hard they make you breathe…

Look, man, (or woman – I’m a firm believer in gender
equity here), I know how you feel.

I know what it feels like to have a bad day – to have things
go neither the way you want nor the way you expected.

I know how it feels to get in a fight with your wife (spouse)
or have a business deal go south and have all the energy
completely drain from your body.

It’s so much easier in those moments to go grab a beer
(if I still drank that’s what I’d want to do), turn on the Tube,
or retreat to the book of faces, where everyone wants
to be your friend.

The problem, as Aristotle, the famous Greek philosopher
said, is,

     “We are what we repeatedly do.”

So if you’re constantly making excuses for not taking action –
not working out and not achieving your goals, well then
guess what?

Don’t be surprised when you don’t reach your goals.

As an aside, this condition is a result of not having a strong
enough, clear enough vision for what you want your life to
look like and who you want to be – why you’re working out
with your trusty ol’ kettlebells…

… WHY you want to be leaner…

… WHY you want to be stronger…

AND MORE IMPORTANTLY – how your life will be better
once you achieve those things.

You need to be more like James Bond – you need to have
that clear vision and strong faith of how your world should
be so you take action and keep taking action no matter
what the “bad guys” throw at you and how many times they
throw it at you.

You keep on keeping on.

Sounds hard to do?

Don’t worry – it’s not.

Here’s why:

The good news is, to finish Aristotle’s quote,

     “Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

So once you put one foot in front of another and actually
DO something – one swing after another –

It gets easier and easier to do subsequent swings.

And the more you do them, the easier it gets.

The easier it is to achieve your goals – to be excellent.

(This is called “momentum.”)

Sure at first, it takes a lot of energy to reach “escape velocity” –
just like a rocket – from your current circumstances.

But the more effort you put out up front – the easier it becomes
to do what you need to do to stay on your chosen path to
overcome inertia – those things that are holding you back.

(Again, I refer you back to having a strong, clear vision and
the faith to believe you’ll achieve it.)

Which brings me to a great quote by 19th century American
poet, Ralph Waldo Emerson –

     “Do the thing, have the power.”

The doing comes before the having.

Words to live by.

Therefore, take action NOW.

I leave you with the immortal words of Socrates, Aristotle’s
teacher, from the classic film, “Bill and Ted’s Excellent

“Be excellent to yourself.”


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