What Grandma Jane Taught Me About Strength (Video)

Strength is a funny thing. We all measure it
in different ways but mostly “our” way.

For example, as a former weightlifter, I still
to this day think of strength as how much you
can barbell snatch and clean and jerk. (Squat
too.) But I don’t give a rip about the bench.

You may think of it as what size kettlebell you
can press or how many snatches you can do in a
certain time.

Any way you measure it is cool with me.

Then you run into, well, something else altogether –
different forms of strength.

Grandma Jane taught me about one particular type
of strength that I just stand in awe of…

Grandma Jane is my wife’s grandmother.

And we’re going down to visit her this weekend
(leaving today actually – 6 hour car trip) to
celebrate her 89th birthday.

The whole family’s going to be there (well almost).

Here’s what’s so special about Grandma Jane –

Although legally blind – she still paints. She
just uses a magnifying glass. (Used to until last

Now, she’s busy recovering – wait for this cause
it’s going to blow you away – from a series of
injuries over the last 18 months –

– a broken shoulder
– a broken hip
– a broken neck (you read that correctly)
– another broken hip

See, Grandma Jane has an indomitable spirit.

Here’s a frightening statistic – 90% of the people
over 65 who fall and break a hip die within less
than a year of the break.

Happened to my grandmother.

Not Grandma Jane.

She has a true “Iron Will.”

She has a passion for life – for her family and

She has true “inner strength.”

(I’m going to ask here when I see her tomorrow where
she gets that strength, but I’m pretty sure I know.)

Anyway, what we can both learn from Grandma Jane
is that when life knocks you down, you get back up.

No matter what.

THAT, my friend, is STRENGTH.

No matter what happens to you, or what’s happening
to you – you get back up and keep going.

If you’re struggling to get your workouts in cause you
don’t feel like you have the strength (or even if you need
a little inspiration) – I’ve got 2 things for you:

Thing 1: Go watch this video –

Someone facebooked it and my wife showed it to me – puts
things in perspective.


Thing 2: Make your workouts short and easy and stress
free like these – http://kettlebellburn.com/quickworkouts
No more worries – just get them done.

Be Strong.

Talk soon.


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