What Happens If….???

Yesterday I made a video for you.

(Watch it here if you missed it.)

In it I said that most people will not be able to do that
exercise well. Not yet.

And they should break down the movement into

So what happens if that’s you – if you fall into that

(You’ll know if you can’t do this properly cause your
butt will be up in the air and you won’t be strong
enough to support your weight on your hands while

Here are some “component” ideas for you:

– Any abdominal exercise that causes you to create
“stiffness” in your abs – planks and their variations

– Any abdominal exercise that creates some flexion
or resists flexion – like the Dead Bugs and some good
ol’ fashioned sit up variations

– Any upper body exercise that taxes the shoulders,
and chest and abs simultaneously – like push up
variations – there are LOTS of those – so many I can’t
list them here

– Any exercise that challenges your legs either one
at a time or in an alternating fashion – lunge variations
or stepping variations are good here, along with
single leg DLs

And here’s the best part:

Any exercise that crosses midline or challenges you
to move opposite limbs at the same time – so opposite
arm and leg – like Bird Dogs (and of course crawling).

Here’s how you might set up a little circuit for yourself
using some of these exercises:

Push ups
Side Planks
Dead Bugs
Reverse Lunges

You could do these back-to-back with no rest or put
some rest between them, based on how challenging
you want to make them.

You can do them for time or for reps.

And of course there are a TON of different variations
of each exercise in each category.

But the key here is not to make these so hard that
you burn yourself out.

Stay away from failure.

Look to stay “fresh” or relatively so from exercise to

Play with something like this today or tomorrow either
instead of your kettlebell workout or at the end of

See how just moving your body through space
challenges you in ways your kettlebell hasn’t for

These types of “challenges” are great for creating a
new or novel stimulus – which is exactly what we need
sometimes to start seeing changes again – especially
in body fat levels.

Keep your eyes peeled next week cause I’ll show you
what I think is a really novel (and dare I say it – “fun”)
approach to body weight training for fat loss.

I’m off – gotta head out in a bit for this weekend’s
“Becoming Bulletproof” workshop. (This is a BIG one –
haven’t checked final numbers – but we’re knocking on
the door of 40, which is almost triple the attendance of
our first workshop!)

Over and out.


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