What Is It You REALLY Want?

Greetings from Italy!

I’m heading home tomorrow. This has been an amazing trip!

Food, friends, fun. It’s all here.

Isn’t that what life is about?

Partially – there’s family too – and they’re not here. :-(

Which begs a question:

What is it you REALLY want out of life?

The reality it that your kettlebell workouts are supposed
to make your life better.

Unless you’re just a training nut like me – that is – you like
training just because you like training – which, let’s face it –
is not very many people –

Your KB workouts are a means to an end.

They make you stronger so you have more stamina.

They give you more stamina so you have more energy.

They give you more energy so you have more focus.

They give you more focus so you can be more productive.

They give you more productivity so you can do more of
what you want to do – no matter what that is –

Spend more time with your family, friends, hobbies, whatever.

The only “problem” with your KB workouts is that you have
to invest the time and energy into them first to receive the
benefits you want to receive from them.

Where then, do you focus your time and energy with your
KB workouts?

Spend time getting stronger.

Don’t worry about your “conditioning.”

When you get strong enough, the conditioning will take care
of itself.

Case in point:

That’s a picture of a mountain Fabio and I (Fabio is a
StrongFirst Master Instructor and my host) hiked yesterday.

We hiked up almost 5km, then climbed up through that crack
in the mountain that you see, to a hidden waterfall, then hiked
another 5km back down the mountain.

Specific hiking training? 


The “conditioning” for hiking came from our strength reserve.

We both train exclusively to be strong.

Our conditioning comes from our strength base.

Sure, there are very specific ways to train for strength and
receive conditioning benefits.

One of those ways is to train with a pair of kettlebells using
“big bang for your buck” exercises – the Clean + Press, or
the Clean + Push Press, or even the Clean + Jerk.

That way you use all your muscles in synchrony the way
they’re supposed to work.

You’ll get really strong.

You’ll get really resilient.

And who knows? You may find yourself nimble as a
mountain goat scrambling up boulders to go see hidden
waterfalls like we did yesterday.

The general public wouldn’t do what Fabio and I did

Let’s face it, the general public COULDN’T do what Fabio
and I did yesterday.

And you know what?

That feels really good knowing that I can do what I want
to physically do and that I’m not like everybody else.

But it all starts with knowing what you REALLY want out
of life.

Then building a foundation to get it.

Build yours with a pair of kettlebells here.



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