What Is The “Quasimodo” Press

You remember Quasimodo – the Hunchback of Notre
Dame, right?

He was physically deformed yet strong as an ox.

He swung from bell rope to bell rope ringing the
bells and fell in love with the beautiful

Well there’s a “Quasimodo” Press too.

Although not deformed and not in love with Gypsy
street dancer, it has, like Esmerelda, captured
the hearts of more than a few men.

Ok, it’s not exactly like Quasimodo – it’s not deformed.

It is however a “quasi-ballistic.”

It’s part ballistic and part grind.

Some say it won’t help your military press because
the groove is different and yet others swear by its
ability to make your whole body grow.

I am talking about the Push Press.

In our case, the double KB Push Press.

It starts with a quick dip of the knees and a hard
drive of the legs – extending the knees, ankles, and

But it doesn’t end there.

If yours does, it won’t end well for you.

You’ll be lucky to achieve lockout.

That’s why it’s “quasi-” – you still have to drive
the bells up over your head with arms.

Sure, the light bells will go up with out doing this,
but not the heavy ones.

And the heavy ones are the ones we want to use, so
you better learn that you have to use your legs AND
your arms if you want the strength and power that
go with the Push Press.

What’s the point of the Push Press?

Ultimately to get a weight over your head that you
can’t press.

We have a saying in the Iron Game:

“If you can’t press it, push press it.

If you can’t push press it, jerk it.”

It’s also a fantastic transition exercise for the Jerk.

I personally notice that when my Push Press goes up,
my whole body gets stronger and bigger.

And more importantly, my press goes up.

It just might do the same for you.

You’ll never know until you cycle it into your training
program for awhile.

If you’re going to do that, pick a pair of KBs that
you can barely press twice and use those.

Then cycle through the “STRONG!” program in “Kettlebell

It’s a high set, low rep training program that literally
triples in volume.

Tripling your volume – the amount of work you can do,
will make you STRONG.

And no doubt about it, if you do it with Push Presses,
your whole body will get MUCH stronger.

You might not be able to swing from rope to rope like
Quasimodo, but who knows? You may come close.

Get “Kettlebell STRONG!” here.

Talk soon.


P.S. The one good thing about Push Presses is they won’t
cause you to end up dead like Quasimodo. Grim thought,
but true.

Not unless you completely miff and do them wrong and
drop a KB on your head.

Then all bets are off.

You should make sure you know exactly how to and how

NOT to do Push Presses.

Painstaking detail is found inside the “Kettlebell
STRONG!” DVDs and book.

Get your copy here.

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