What KSIC Members Are Saying… (And MORE Q’s)

You might be wondering a few things about the Kettlebell 

Secrets Insider Coaching program right about now…

Things like:

- How challenging are the workouts – hard or easy?

- What kind of changes can you see and will they be immediate?

- What kind of feed back are you really going to get from me?
- Are these workouts good for “advanced” KB users?

Here’s some feedback from a few people who just signed

(You’ll need to “enable images” to see these.)

As for the level of interaction, like I said, you’ll only get this kind of
interaction from me – within 24 hours or less – if you were a one-on-one
client or a private coaching client.

I’m serious about helping you get where you want to go.


Calvin is one of my very good customers. He got amazing results from

“Kettlebell Burn 2.0″ and some of my other programs. He’s not a “kettlebell
noobie” and was still surprised about how much he “learned” about his body
from his first workout.

Jeff discovered that his body was “totally out of whack.” 

If you have high mileage like Jeff and me, yours probably is too.

(Mine isn’t any longer, but I remember exactly what that feels like and have
no desire to go back nor will I because I know exactly what to do to keep
from doing so. I’ll show you those things too.)

As you can see, Chris is also seeing immediate positive results from
investing in himself. Plus he’s giving you a huge hint about what to do
if your Get Ups aren’t going as well you’d like.

Furthermore, he’s happy with those results. :-)

If you’re looking to take your kettlebell training to the next level -

You know – get leaner, stronger, and better conditioned, while getting rid
of the aches and owwies – you need some help unless you’re a “jeenius”
who knows all there is to know about  how the human body operates (or
at least a lot about it) –

Then enroll in the Kettlebell Secrets Insider Coaching now.

HOWEVER, I can help you as much as I can, but YOU still have to
do the work.

You have to do the workouts.

You have to follow the nutrition.

You need to watch the videos so you know how to perform each of the
exercises – many of which you may not know – so you can perform them
not only safely, but effectively.

And you need to give yourself permission to ask questions in a private,
supportive forum when you have questions, so I can help you get “unstuck”
when you need to.

Enroll in the Kettlebell Secrets Insider Coaching program today.

Spaces are limited.

And I’ll be closing the doors in the next few days.

See you inside.

To your future success,


P.S. I’ve had some more questions. Here they are with the 

Q: I’m not able to enroll now due to surgery in a couple of months. 

Will you be opening up the program again in the near future?

A: First, sorry to hear about your surgery. I wouldn’t put this off. If your
surgery is sometime in the future, you still have time to train.

And research has proven that the better your fitness level going into surgery,
the faster your body will heal.

And most likely you will need to do some rehab and “post-rehab” work, and
most of the “post-rehab” work, especially if it’s for abdominal or lower back
will be in the KSIC.

As far as reopening the program, I will most likely open it up 8 months
from now.

Q: You’ve recently convinced me to do a lot of bodyweight training. Will 
there be bodyweight training in the KSIC?

A: Yes there is. Although some of the bodyweight exercises you may not be
familiar with. The program is a combination of KB and bodyweight exercises,
both of which, when placed in the right order, compliment each other very
nicely for in many cases, faster results than you can achieve just using them
independently. (See Chris’s email above.)

Don’t put off getting your “life” back any longer – 

Enroll in the Kettlebell Secrets Insider Coaching program here.

Q: I have XXX and YYY problems going on. Will you guarantee
that your new program will fix these problems?

A: Great question. Short answer – “No I will not.”

Long answer: Many problems are due to movement dysfunctions which
result in movement compensations and muscular imbalances.

If you take care of the root issue that causes many if not most of those
compensations and imbalances, are due to a loss of reflexive stability.

There are THREE very specific strategies I/we use to regain that reflexive

And many times, based on what I’ve seen over the last 4 years in particular, a
lot of those specific issues remedy themselves because you’re body is now
working the way it’s designed.

And many times, this is very liberating because many people have been
working very specifically and directly on their “issues” for long periods of
time, like Ari – a girl who got out of long term shoulder and knee pain from
attending my “Kettlebell STRONG!” and the Original Strength Level 1
Foundations workshops this past summer in Australia. 

This was after spending 9 months using another widely popular mobility system
with zero results. She almost cried. I almost cried with her because I know

EXACTLY how she felt. I’ve lived that.

So that’s the long answer.

If making measurable progress and seeing visible results in the mirror and your
clothes, as well as moving around easily again – almost like when you were a
kid – sounds like something you can commit to –

Enroll now in the Kettlebell Secrets Insider Coaching program -

It’s closing down in a few days. 

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