What My 15 Month Old Knows About KBs That Most Don’t…

Ok, admittedly, he has an advantage – his parents
are both KB instructors and his dad is KB “goo-roo”
– LOL.

But seriously, it’s been pure joy and a wonderful
education to watch him develop.

He’s just about to walk for real – sure he “cruises”, which
I think is the term for when toddlers stand and “walk”
sideways holding on to things, like cabinets and such.

But what he does REALLY well is…


It’s natural, effortless, and deep.

Like all the way down deep.

And he can stay there as long as he wants.

And then he just pops right up.

Which brings up a question – do you still have that
kind of mobility to squat ALL the way down nice n

Or have you been sticking with the stuff you’re good
at – like Swings or Presses?

Sure, you may toss in some Goblet Squats every now
and then or they may even be a part of your routine,
but when was the last time you really “milked” your

I was driving to work today and thinking about this
very thing.

When I was in arguably the best shape of my life I
was squatting A LOT. (By “a lot” I mean weight and

I was strong.

Very strong.

And I was very well conditioned.

Can you say the same?

Sure, you may have spent some time or even a season
training the Get Up or Swing, but how about the Squat?

I dare say you haven’t.

But you should.

The benefits are virtually immeasurable.

– Your whole body becomes stronger.

– You’ll become leaner (almost effortlessly) as long as you
don’t gorge.

– Your legs feel like they can go all day.

– Your conditioning improves, without doing conditioning.

What more is there, really?

Look, the best thing about the KB is that you can really take
advantage of the Goblet Squat and use it as a counterweight –
literally prying your way to new depth, control, and comfort
in the Squat.

Most people won’t ever take the time to do that – experience
that – to re-establish ownership of their Squat.

They’re too busy looking for the “perfect” routine – or the
“perfect” exercise?

You want the “perfect” exercise?

Squat. Goblet Squat. Front Squat. One KB or two.

My boy does it naturally – it’s automatic cause he’s made
to do it and you were too.

Get back to making your Squat feel automatic by using
programs #48,49, and 50 in “Kettlebell Express!”

Get your copy here –


Gotta run.


P.S. One more thing real quick –

Squatting is hard. Which is why most people won’t do
it. That’s also why most people never achieve the results
they’re looking for – cause they do the “easy” thing.

Squatting may not be “easy” for you right now, but it should
be – you were made to be able to do it. The fact you can’t
do it as well as you should is probably a good indicator of
why you haven’t seen the results you’re looking for.

Change all that here and get your Squat back.


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