What My Wife Stresses About…

My Mom just left on Saturday afternoon after a spending a week with us for Thanksgiving.

It was a great time.

Now it’s time for party-prep.

My baby girl is 2 on Wednesday.

The party is at 11 and of course we have people coming over, including my in-laws who are flying in from California.

So, she has a LOT of work to do.

One of the things she stresses about is getting her workouts in.

I completely understand.

As a mom of 2 little ones, she’s constantly being pulled and pushed to and fro.

I never understood the plight of mom’s “not having time” to work out until my wife became one.

The hardest part is when the kids don’t do what they’re supposed to, when they’re supposed to, and thus messing up the plans for the day –

Which is pretty much every day. LOL.

So, guess when she works out?

When she can – which consists of two main times:

1) She actually goes to the gym.

Yes, she has a gym membership, even though she was a certified KB Instructor.

She goes because our membership has…


So she’ll do a quick 30 minute workout, then she’ll sit in the sauna, whirlpool, whatever and take time to relax and collect her thoughts –

Something critically important for a mom.

(This is a GREAT gig for mom’s – and I actually highly recommend this as an option if you can make it work for you.)

Plus, the kids love it.

2) She works out after the kids go to bed.

Admittedly, this is the hardest time for her.

She’s wiped out.

But she still makes time for herself.

And usually these are also short, 15 to 30 minute workouts.

Point is, getting your workouts in are a big concern for many moms with great reason –

They SHOULD be.

Working out is KEY to maintaining your energy levels and health.

And both of which are KEY to being good parents.

After all, if you’re energy levels are in the tank or your sick all the time, how can you give your kids the best?

(That’s the MAIN reason I got my stuff together back in 2010…)

That’s why I’m holding this very special Cyber Monday Sale.

If you’re struggling to “find time” to work out –

Whether you’re a mom, a dad, or a grandparent –

Or just plain busy –

This will help you out.

However –

It’s only available until Midnight tonight.

Check it out now.

Talk soon.


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