What The KB World Can Learn From The “Dark Side” (Of Fitness)

There’s a distance that we’ve created in the KB
world from the rest of the fitness industry –
the “Dark Side.”

After all, those are the people who fall for the
latest ab training gimmickry, cardio-kickboxing
class, and “Bar Classes” STILL promoting the whole
“high reps to lengthen, lean, and tone.”

(Man, I FREAKIN’ HATE that lie: That women need to
do high reps to produce lean, toned, lengthen, non-
bulky muscle. In fact the EXACT OPPOSITE is true:

Higher reps, especially with any sort of weight,
bulk women up! DIE IGNORANT LIE!)


There is A LOT of horse-hockey in the mainstream
fitness industry.

I’d say probably 90% of it.



Nothing but made-up nonsense designed to excite and
titilate the lazy and attention deficited, to separate them
from their money while helping them feel good about
checking the “workout” box in their daily planner.

And that distance between “us” and “them” for the
most part, is good.

Great, really.

We use scientifically proven principles and methods
based on anatomy and physiology – how your body

However, in some cases, we have thrown the baby
out with the bathwater.

How so?

Well the “Dark Side” has an unhealthy obsession with
the abdominal muscles.

From belts that make the abs contract, to 30 minute
“Core Classes” at the local “fern and chrome” health
clubs – you’d think the abs where the only muscles in
your body worth training.

Most of us, have completely discarded the need to
do any sort of ab work because, hey, the KB works your

And you know what?

It does… Depending on the exercise you’re doing.

(Let’s get real here, your abs work pretty much any
time you do anything. What we’re talking about here
is the proper functioning of the abs.)

Swings. Check. Work your abs.

Get Ups. Check. Work your abs.

Goblet Squats. Check.

Cleans. Check.

Press. Check. (Check, check, check!!)

Snatch. Check. Double check.

But sometimes – many times – this is not “enough”
abdominal work.

Why not?

Movement compensations and dysfunctions.

How so?

Look, if you continually find yourself stretching
your hip flexors before your workouts, that’s a
tell-tale sign your abs aren’t working correctly.

And all the swings and get ups aren’t going to
help you out.

You need DIRECT abdominal training.

SPECIFIC abdominal training.

Yeah, it may seem “icky” – like we’re embracing
the “Dark Side” – (we’re NOT) – but I can attest to
the fact that the PROPER direct abdominal training
not only can, but WILL, improve your KB training -

Your strength.

Your conditioning.

Even your fat loss.

Back in late 2010 I took almost 2 years off from
all KB training and focused exclusively on bodyweight
training – including direct ab work, based on
gymnastics type training.

The result?

Being leaner and 15 pounds lighter, I was able to
clean a pair of 40kg KBs for 5 sets of 10 with 2
minutes of rest between sets.

I had NEVER been able to do that before, regardless
of my bodyweight.

That’s why I’m strongly recommending my very good
buddy, Chris Lopez, SFG2’s, “Kettlebell Evolution”

Because he has included as a bonus to his program
called, “The Essential Ab Guide.”

In in you’ll learn:

– Exercises that teach you to stabilize your spine.

– Exercises that teach you to move while your spine
is stabilized.

– And exercises that load your body while you
stabilize your spine.

And how to incorporate these exercises into the
rest of your program.

Don’t let the “Dark Side” rob you of the Truth:

If you sit on your butt all day long in front of
a computer, chances are better-than-good that
you need some very specific, and very direct ab
training included in your KB workouts.

Here’s EXACTLY what you’ll be getting with your
order today:

1. The Kettlebell Evolution Advanced Fat Loss Manual

– Here’s a real strength training program, that
focuses on technique – each exercise, set, and rep
specified – which coincidentally strips off body fat.

2. The Kettlebell Evolution Follow Along Sessions Videos

– Chris takes you through each KB training in real
time so you can see what kind of pace you should
have and how the program should flow.

3. The Kettlebell Evolution Video Exercise Library

– Detailed descriptions of each of the single KB
exercises so you can maximize your technique –
making you stronger and incidentally helping you
burn off fat

4. The Macro-Rhythm Eating Manual

– This is a guide to eating that fits in to the
busiest of lifestyles and when followed, will help
you actually LOSE body fat over the Holiday Season
instead of gaining like most people will.

5. The “Kettlebell Evolution” Training & Transformation

– Often overlooked, a training journal is the best
way to measure progress. If it’s not measured, it’s
not managed.

6. The “Kettlebell Evolution” Quick Start MP3 Audio

– Download the Quick Start MP3 to your iPhone and
get all your immediate questions answered.


Chris has thrown in FOUR bonuses:

Bonus 1: The Hardstyle Kettlebell Essentials Manual

Perfect your KB form using SFG Hardstyle techniques
in each of the 6 main KB exercises: Swing, TGU,
Goblet Squat, Clean, Press, and Snatch.

Bonus 2: The Hardstyle Kettlebell Essentials Video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many
words is a video worth? This is perfect for visual
and auditory learners.

Bonus 3: Accelerated 10-Minute Training Plug-In

Sometimes you’re strapped for time and can’t get
your workouts done. That’s where these “Plug-In’s”
come in handy.

Bonus 4: The Essential Ab Guide

I’ve already told you about this one – you’ll learn
how to ramp up your abdominal strength to not only
increase your TGU strength AND your other KB lifts –

Which means you’re going to get stronger and leaner

Thumb your nose at the “Dark Side” – make your ab
work intelligent.

Talk soon.


P.S. Almost forgot –

If you’re on the fence about this, Chris’s very generous
62% discount is over at Midnight EST tonight.

Get your copy here.

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