What’s Better – Push Press Or Press? (It’s Kinda Like Choosing The Right Steak…)

I like steak – a lot.

I think the two best cuts for my money are the NY Strip
and the Ribeye.

Now the strip is juicy with not a lot of fat on it – just
a strip down the side whereas the ribeye tastes almost the
same – perhaps a little juicier due it’s fatty marbling.

BOTH are fantastic.

Especially with a nice loaded baked potato – you know the
ones – butter, sour cream, bacon… mmmmbacon… cheese, and

Accompanying it with some fresh cut haricots vert, and a
nice bottle of French Bordeaux…

Ahhhh! Now we’re talking!

It’s the steak that makes the meal though, all the other
stuff is just dressing.

So how do I decide which cut of steak I prefer on any given

Depends on my goals.

If I really am in a “I want a GREAT steak mood,” I’ll usually
go for the Ribeye.

If I’m in a “I want a steak mood” I’ll go for the Strip.

Different goals, different outcomes.

Same thing with the Press and the Push Press.

If I want to really overload the body – make the entire body
stronger, then I’m going to choose the Push Press.

If I want to do some assistance work for my Jerk, I’m also
going to choose a Push Press.

Now if I want to pack on some muscle or just get stronger
without having to think too much about the loads / the weight,
I’ll use the Press.

That’s the method to my madness anyway.

Sometimes, I’ll use the Push Press to improve my Press.


Because the Push Press is what’s known as a “quasi-ballistic.”

It’s neither a true grind or a true ballistic.

It’s a little of both.

It starts as a ballistic, at least from a lower body perspective
and ends in an upper body grind.

You do a quick dip with the legs, reverse the motion, and explode
up using the energy from the legs to direct it into the upper
body to be used to press the weight overhead.

This is where most people screw up.

They don’t keep their upper bodies tight and stay all loosey-

And that’s why their KBs don’t go up.

Or don’t go up well or for that many reps.

You still have to keep the upper body relatively tight.

Not as tight as the Press, but still tight.

Both the Press and the Push Press have multiple purposes depending
on your goals.

How you use them in your programming is up to you.

How you perform them however, is NOT up for debate.

There’s a right way and a wrong way.

The wrong way is how most people do them.

The right way is found inside “Kettlebell STRONG!.”

Are you doing your Presses and Push Presses correctly?

If you already have “Kettlebell STRONG!” your chances are
better than good.

If you don’t have it, there’s a good chance you’re just guessing.

Getting hosed on a cheap piece of meat (like a Chuck Roast) and
calling it steak will only hurt your wallet and your pride.

However, not knowing how to  press or push press could end up
hurting your shoulders or your lower back. And that costs a lot
more and hurts a lot worse.

Don’t get hosed – learn how to Press and Push Press AND do
all the double KB lifts properly with “Kettlebell STRONG!”

Talk soon.


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