What’s The “Best” Fat Loss Program? Swings Or…?

The best fat loss program I ever personally did was back
in 1996.

It got me to single digit bodyfat – LOW single digit bodyfat…

Stage-ready-shredded bodyfat levels.

You know how I did it?

Low rep Olympic lifts and their variations.

Snatch pulls, clean pulls, front squats, push presses, presses.

Low, low reps. 1 to 3 per set.

Short rests.

That was age 23.

Age 33 that would’ve KILLED me. 2006 I was a DISASTER.


It’s tempting… Very, very tempting.

This philosophy forms the bedrock of my fat loss programming.

It’s the basis for “Kettlebell Burn 2.0.” The program isn’t the
same, but the principles are.

An almost identical KB program is “Kettlebell Burn EXTREME!.”


There are some swings in there, which obviously, weren’t in the
original program since it was a barbell.

Why am I explaining this to you?

What’s it have to do with YOUR KB workouts and YOUR
fat loss?

Because most people default to “swings” as their answer
to fat loss.

And they think it’s their only answer 95% if not all of
the time.

I think it’s an OK answer.

If I were grading swings for fat loss, at least the way most
people program them, I’d give them a “C.”

Yeah, that’s right, only a “C.”


Because there are better ways to lose fat than just doing

Especially for certain individuals at certain stages of
their training careers.

How do I know?


20+ years, amigo.

Here’s a case in point:

Since most people do swings for fat loss, how effective do you
think they will really be if you continue to do them?

Especially if you’re already really good at doing swings.

Sure, if you have an hour to kill and want to do 1500 of them
with a 24kg, you might get somewhere.

But the major problem is that most KB users are already
relatively good at doing swings. (Some are downright great
at them.)

So your body no longer needs to use as much energy to do
100 swings as it once did.

It’s easy for it.

So you’re left doing more and more and more swings.

What about the grinds?

Grinds, are phenomenal for fat loss.

If you do them correctly.

And if they’re programmed correctly.

They use a TON of energy.

And since most people default to swings and ignore their
grinds on a fat loss program, it makes good sense to throw
something into your fat loss programming that you’re body
isn’t necessarily use to doing nor good at doing

Heavy presses or heavy front squats are a great example.

They are incredibly demanding on your body, especially when
you limit your rest periods.

I’d give them an “B+” when programmed correctly.

You’ll burn LOTS of calories – especially from squatting.

So next time you hit a wall on your fat loss programming, do
the unthinkable –

Cut back on your swings and add in more grinds.

You don’t have to drop them altogether – you just need to
do different variations with different sets and reps than you’re
currently using.

Combine grinds and ballistics together properly and you’ll
have an A+ for fat loss.

What kind of fat loss am I talking about?

Well some people who’ve used “Kettlebell Burn EXTREME!”
have lost beaucoup amounts of lard –

– Steve lost 17 pounds, 6.3% body fat, and 3.5 inches off
his waist…

– Trevor lost 20 pounds…

– Joe lost 36 pounds…

… In ONLY 29 days.

If you’d like that kind of fat loss – and have a pair of KBs – then
you should grab yourself a copy here.

Or you can keep doing swings, if that’s your thing.

Talk soon.


P.S. You might be wondering what kind of results you’ll see
from “Kettlebell Burn EXTREME!”.

I don’t know.

Steve, Trevor, and Joe’s results are arguably not typical.

Most people just won’t do the work even though it’s ONLY
29 days.

If you aren’t afraid of some hard work, especially for a short
period of time – 29 days, then “Kettlebell Burn EXTREME!”
is for you.

SMART work = EXTREME! fat loss.

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