“What’s This BS About ‘Fix My Shoulder Pain?'”

Here’s the scoop:

Just took my son out for a walk in the backpack. No sooner was I
out the door then I get a phone call from one of my closest friends –
the guy’s like a brother to me.

“What’s the deal with this Rick Kasweecik guy?”

“Kaselj” I corrected.

“Yeah – what’s the deal with this “Fix My Shoulder Pain” thing
that you’re promoting?”

“What about it?” I asked.

“He’s treating pain. That’s a problem. He’s not a licensed clinician,
is he?”

And so went the conversation from there…
So let’s have a SERIOUS conversation about this “Fix My Shoulder
Pain” product:
Specifically –

WHO it’s for and who it’s NOT for so you can make an informed
decision about whether this thing is up your alley or not, ok?

First, this program is NOT for trainers wanting to help people “get
out of pain.”

It’s not.


Like my good friend rightfully pointed out, under the laws of the US
of A, treating pain is the realm of LICENSED Medical Professionals.

Personal Trainers and RKCs don’t fall into that group.

(The laws are different in Canada I think. Other places maybe too…)

However, if you’re a trainer/RKC who wants to add more tools in
the proverbial toolbox, this would be an ok motivation for you to
grab FMSP, especially if, like I used to do, you work WITH a Doc
or PT doing POST-Rehab.

If that’s you, FMSP would be a great choice.

Glad we got that out of the way.

I feel better already. :-)

Next, according to Rick, “Fix My Shoulder Pain” is for people who
have any of the following:

– Shoulder and rotator cuff tendonitis and tendinosis
– Rotator cuff tear, strain or pain
– AC injury, AC joint sprain, and AC strain
– Adhesive capsulitis
– Frozen shoulder
– Shoulder subluxation or dislocation
– Acromioclavicular injury and
– Shoulder impingement

See, in order to know what any of those are, you’d actually have
to be DIAGNOSED. And in the US, the only people who can legally
do that are LICENSED Medical Professionals.

Makes sense, right?

So why would you use FMSP if you’ve already been diagnosed?

Maybe your local PTs or other rehab specialists suck.

I’ve certainly cleaned up several messes local PTs have created.

So “Fix My Shoulder Pain” would be for you.

Here’s who else it’s for:

Apparently “Fix My Shoulder Pain” is pissing a lot of people off in our
community cause they spent big bucks on some other movement
certifications – specifically FMS / CK-FMS.

I knew it would and actually anticipated that it would which is
why I spent several hours reviewing the product and interviewing

I wanted to make sure I could ethically stand behind this.

But as my friend and I discussed, not everyone has access to
these FMS / CK-FMS instructors.

And, not all of these instructors are “equal” – even though they
carry the same designation. I guaran-darn-tee you your experience
would be MUCH better if you went to see my friend instead of just
a regular instructor.

I’m sorry, but that’s just the way it is.

It’s just like the world of PTs.

Anyway, so not everybody has access to FMS / CK-FMS practitioners.

And even if they do, not everyone will choose to go see one, either
based on perceived value or cost of service.

They just may not want to pay the cash.

And that’s their right.

Therefore, “Fix My Shoulder Pain” is a good option for you.

Or maybe you have tried FMS / CK-FMS or other movement-based
approaches and they didn’t work.

(*GASP* – I said it!)

“Fix My Shoulder Pain” is more of a direct approach to shoulder
pain and it it could very well work for you.

(Heck for only $20 bucks it’s worth a shot…)

Here’s who else will benefit from FMSP:

Guys like me.

Let me explain.

I’m notoriously hard-headed and stubborn.

So much so that I actually walked around for 4 months with
excruciating could-barely-walk type of pain in my right hip
before I went to see a doc and get a TRUE diagnosis.

That was after spending 4 months and hundreds of dollars
going the unconventional route – massage, ART, Chiro,
acupuncture, etc, etc, etc…

But even after my hip was diagnosed and I took a cortisone
shot, I still went the unconventional route.

It took me 5 years, but I eventually got there. (With the help
of my friend who called me today.)

However, there was another time when getting out of pain
only took me 6 weeks – and that was when I had first started
Olympic Weightlifting.

My left shoulder hurt so bad I could barely lift my arm above my

So my weightlifting coach gave me an exercise prescription
which fixed the issue in about 6 weeks. I had an imbalance in
my shoulder between my internal and external rotators.

(Rotator cuff problem – very common with heavy benching – and
only after I fixed it did I go on to put 300lbs + over my head.)

Why didn’t I go see a doc?

Cause not only was I stubborn, but I was a broke college student.

Even if there was a FMS guy around at the time (Gray Cook
hadn’t created the thing yet – so what? I’m old…) I wouldn’t
have paid to see him – I didn’t have the buckaroos.

So if you’re a crusty ol’ stubborn pig-headed mule like me, who’s
just not gonna go to the doctor (and may be tight on cash), then
“Fix My Shoulder Pain” is for you.

Finally, the top two reasons I’m promoting “Fix My Shoulder
Pain” is because:

1. I reviewed the material.

Seriously, I’ve done post-rehab cases before: Backs, knees,
and shoulders. And these cases were sent to me by an Orthopedic
Surgeon who’s patients were not getting any success where she
normally sent people for Physical Therapy.

Plus, my wife actually is a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy
who graduated from the #2 program in the US. So I have a “go
to” person and the resources if I ever need help. (And I do.)

That should tell you something.

2. Because Rick is smart AND humble.

Rick actually has the good sense to know that his “Fix My Shoulder
Pain” is not a panacea – a “cure all.”

He actually tells you when to go see a doctor.

That’s a BIG deal. Cause one of the trends in this industry for
the last 5-10 years is for trainers to think they know everything
and start “diagnosing” and “treating” everything. Heck, even I
almost fell into that trap.

Rick doesn’t. And that’s a rare thing these days.

So, if you’re on the fence about whether or not “Fix My Shoulder
Pain” is for you, hopefully this review cleared things up for you.

All that’s left for you to do is click here if you know “Fix My

Talk soon.


P.S. I almost forgot to answer the question:

Is Rick treating pain with “Fix My Shoulder Pain”?

No, he is not. He’s giving YOU the tools to actively manage your
own (hopefully pre-diagnosed) shoulder issues. What you do with
them from there is up to you.

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