When “Change” Is Bad…

We all know the mantra –

“Change is good.”

Except when it’s not.

Sure, we all like to think we embrace change, but many of us
fall into one of two traps when it comes to change, ESPECIALLY
when it comes to working out.

Change Trap #1:

Clinging to the past and not changing at all.

I’m sure you’ve been here before – I know I sure have. You
see such great success with one particular workout program
that you just can’t stop doing it, even though your results
stalled out a long time ago.

You have a love affair with the program because it produced
such phenomenal results at the time.

You romanticize those results and keep thinking that you can
get the same results by following the same program.

For me, I virtually had to abandon all pulling or hip hinge
movements last year because I had failed to do any flexion
work – and direct abdominal work for years and years.

I had to give up the idea that I could see progress by doing
what I had continually done.

Change Trap #2:

Changing for the sake of change.

This is just the opposite of the first Change Trap.

This one is probably more insidious too. It manifests itself in
basically flitting from one program to the next, like a bee
pollinating flowers, only there are no flowers and you’re not
pollinating anything.

The only thing you’re doing is trying to “keep it fresh” by doing
something different, “new” and “exciting” each day – probably
a WOD or something like that.

(Worse yet, you could be using the “Weider Instinctive Training

The problem here is you’re sending so many different signals
to your body it doesn’t know what you want it to do. So no
adaptation ever occurs, despite all you’re sweaty effort and
your “great workouts.”

All you have to show for your workouts is, well, the feeling of
“great workouts.” But no serious results, which is really the
true change you’re looking for.

The simplest, easiest way to overcome these “Change Traps” is
to not try to reinvent the wheel.

Get on a program that cycles sets, reps, and weights and
focuses on one particular thing – like increasing the strength
of your Press or stripping off that nasty body fat.

Get on a program that actually allows you to MEASURE change.

Use something as simple as “Swing Season” from “Kettlebell
Express!” as a start.

Get it and 48 others here:


Or you can just keep bumbling along pretending you’re actually
getting somewhere.

Remember, change is only “good” if you get the results you’re
actually looking for.

Talk soon.


P.S. Keep your eyes on your inbox cause I just did an interview
with a young lady who has made some RADICAL changes and
has used KBs as part of that process – enlightening and inspirational

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