When Science Handcuffs You To A Chair And Beats You Over The Head…

I love the science surrounding the human body – especially with regard to strength training.

When I was younger, I devoured it.

Even today, I still do a fair bit of reading.

But I look at it through a different lens.

“Yesterday,” I looked at it through an “absolute” lens.

“Today,” I look at it through a “relative” lens.

The difference?



How useable is the information to me… NOW.

For example, when I was younger, Alfonso, my Cuban weightlifting coach, used to tell me that most of what we knew and read from the Soviet weightlifting literature didn’t apply to Americans.

Of course, I stood there dismayed, mouth open, and jaw slack.

The Might Soviet Sports Machine couldn’t be wrong, could it?

He would then describe his time on the Cuban weightlifting team when his “job” was to show up and lift.

At the end of the month, he’d go down to the manufacturing plant and collect his “paycheck,” at a place he never “worked” for a “job” he didn’t do.

20 years later as a 40-something year old man, with 2 little ones, over-scheduled to the max, I am only too aware now of what he meant then.

(It’s true – Youth IS wasted on the young.)

Take this example:

I got a private message the other day from a man about the “best” time to train.

He was exhausted after a long work day and too tired in the morning to get up early to train.

So he wanted to know his “best” options.

Well what does the “science” say?

There are 3 different scientific theories.

1. According to Canadian strength coach, Charles Poliquin, his research has shown that the two best times to train are 3 hours and 8 hours after waking.

2. According to Laputin & Oleshko, in their book, “Managing the Training of Weightlifters,” (a Soviet text), the best times are from 11am to 2pm and 6pm to 9pm.

(That explains why I always had good training sessions when I trained later in the evening.)

3. Some of the latest research shows that training in the evening produces a lower cortisol response and possibly a higher testosterone response – plus, due to decreased insulin sensitivity, rate of perceived exertion decreases.

(Kind of corroborates with the 6-9pm Soviet research.)

So you can do like I did when I was a “kid” and rearrange your entire schedule around your KB workouts, which for most is highly unpractical.

(Don’t be an idiot like I was in my late 20s and sacrifice your marriage for your workouts. Stupid… Or your family for that matter.)

Therefore, the “best” times to train/workout, like I told the guy in the private forum message, is – and wait for this –

Because it’s highly unscientific –

Is the time when it’s most convenient for you and your family.

It’s the time that you’re actually going to DO IT.

And it doesn’t matter a hoot what the science says.

Because all the science in the world doesn’t matter if you can’t actually train/workout because your schedule won’t allow it.

So don’t worry about the latest “science.”

Don’t become slave to it like I was.

Evaluate it and use it in its context.

Now you have the “perfect time” down to train/workout –

You might be wondering what the “perfect KB workout” is.

Based on “the science” and 20+ years of experience of working one-on-one with clients, and teaching people all over the world –

This is the closest thing to a “perfect workout” as you’re going to get.

Stay Strong.


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