WHEN To Eat The “Right” Carbs For Max Fat Loss [2 SECRETS]

There’s lots of confusion on this issue –

Morning, evening, post-workout…

Well consider this: As kids, we never considered this. :-)

We just ate what we wanted when we wanted.


Well, more like what Mom wanted, but still, we didn’t
worry about stuff like “nutrient timing” and all that.

We just ate.

But now?

Well, life seems to be a little more complicated.

Here’s the thing:

There are lots of “programs” and lots of ideas out there, each
“proven” by “the science.”

And there’s one thing they pretty much all agree on:

Your body is most sensitive – that is – most able to tolerate
carbohydrates AFTER your workouts.

That’s Big Secret Numero Uno.

That seems to be the “best” time – the one time that just
about everybody can agree upon.

Sure, you can eat them only at night, like what is currently
popular in the Intermittent Fasting world right now.

Sure, you can eat them in the morning and taper them off
through the evening.

But here’s another thing all the experts can agree upon:

There’s a limited number of carbs your body can use.

What’s that number?

Well the more overweight you are, the smaller it is.

And the leaner you are, the bigger it is.

So, the goal, then, is to get as lean as possible so you can
enjoy your carbs.

Here’s Big Secret #2:

You should pick a way of eating that matches your lifestyle.

You want to eat 3 meals a day?


Just do it consistently. And make sure those meals are set
up – balanced correctly between protein, carbs, and fat – so
you will burn fat.

(Cereal and OJ for breakfast is awesome for storing fat.)

You want to eat 5 to 6 mini-meals each day?

Knock yourself out.

Again – make sure they’re balanced correctly so you’re burning

Wanna do IF or the Warrior Diet?

Same thing.

Sound like a broken record here – make sure they’re planned
correctly to burn fat instead of storing it.

Oh, and speaking of records, for the record, not eating all day
and coming home and eating a large pizza – that’s NOT the
Warrior Diet.

That’s arguably THE best way to store fat.

At the end of the day, whichever eating style suits your needs,
you have to ensure that you’re still getting enough protein, fat,
and of course, getting in the right carbs at the right times.

You can try to figure this all out yourself, which of course is, fine,
or you can go with the time-saving, headache-reducing,

“done-for-you” route.

My buddy Dave Ruel and his wife Karine Losier have put
together what think has gotta be some of the tastiest fat loss
menus and recipes ever created in their “Metabolic Cooking.”

If you’re tired of guessing how much protein, fat, and carbs
you should be eating and when, “Metabolic Cooking” will
really help you out

Probably the best part is that all the thinking is done for you.

In the mood for beef?

No problem – just whip out a menu and go to town.

They’ll even show you how to make vegetables taste
delicious. :-)

Of course, you don’t “need” any of this stuff to make progress,
but man, it sure helps.

Why not make life that much easier by having pre-planned
meals and “done-for-you” meal plans?

It’s almost like cheating, but in a good way.

Check it “Metabolic Cooking” here.

Talk soon.


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