Which Burns More Fat – Swings Or Snatches?

I have a very close friend who’s in the process of
a “meltdown” – not the emotional kind…

But the kind where he’s stripping off body fat
at a rapid pace.

And yes, he’s using a KB to do it.

And the way he’s doing it is very interesting because
his results “appear” to be contradictory to the

What science you ask?

Well that now famous study that came out about
3 years ago that said you could burn over 1200
calories per hour using KBs…

… Or 20.2 calories per minute if you prefer.

But here’s the catch with that study:

The key word there was “could,” not “did.”

See, the test subjects only worked out for 20 minutes
ONE time – using the Snatch – and burned those 20.2
calories per minute – which were adjusted to include
anaerobic effort.

(Stay with me here – this is VERY IMPORTANT.)

That means they burned around 400 calories in those
20 minutes.

NOT the “over 1200 calories” per hour that some
people claim.

Why not?

Cause they didn’t work out for an hour! (Duh!)

Remember, this study used the Snatch – an kettlebell
exercise that requires good shoulder mobility and
upper body flexibility and is also technically
demanding for many KB beginners.

What if you can’t or shouldn’t be doing the Snatch?

Is the Swing good enough?

You would think that it wouldn’t be because it’s got
a shorter range of motion so you’re doing less work.

That’s where we get back to my friend…

He’s used his heart rate monitor and actually done
full one hour workouts with a 24kg KB doing ONLY

… and burned OVER 1200 calories in that hour!

Pretty cool, huh?

We shouldn’t expect that much because the Swing is
less technically complicated than the Snatch and is
therefore easier to perform. It doesn’t “theoretically”
demand as many calories per rep as a Snatch.

And yet, the numbers don’t lie. (He had his HR monitor
numbers corroborated at an independent lab.)

You actually can burn A TON of calories doing “only”
Swings – you just have to go the distance like my

Here’s what else is cool –

He’s also done MIXED workouts that include Swings
and Snatches that have produced similar results.

Last night he told me about a 45 minute workout of
Swings and Snatches that burned off over 800 calories
in around 45 minutes.

That’s right on pace with that 1200 calories per hour

So which is it then – which burns more calories and
therefore more fat – Swings or Snatches?



It’s dependent on the individual and the size of the
kettlebell used.

The more “efficient” you are with an exercise, the fewer
calories it will burn.

If you do Swings all the time, move up to Snatches.

If you do Snatches all the time, switch back to Swings
and use a heavier KB.

Do more reps per set.

Decrease your rest periods, etc.

This is where we start getting into the concept of
“program design” as opposed to just “working out.”

You must constantly challenge your body with either
the Swing or the Snatch so that it continues to burn
off calories (a.k.a. fat) at a rapid pace.

“Kettlebell Burn” is a kettlebell fat loss program that
will do just that. It uses both Swings and Snatches to
burn a ton of calories.

Here’s what one of it’s users said:

“I put my heart rate monitor on and in just 43 short
minutes I burned 780 calories and that was taking the
conservative route. I didn’t push myself too hard
yesterday…training smart!” – Joe Golding

You will experience similar results when you take
advantage of the special Spring Sale for over 40%
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I want to help you burn off that Winter Weight that
hitched a ride over the last 6 months or so.

So grab your copy of “Kettlebell Burn” right now
and see how many calories and how much fat you can
hack off
with Swings and Snatches before the “Big
Reveal” coming up on Memorial Day – the unofficial
start of summer.

Talk soon.


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