Which Is Better – Broad Or Narrow Focus?

I must confess, I’m one of those guys who wants to do
everything all at once –

Get ripped, pack on 30 pounds of muscle, and put 100
pounds on all my lifts, and of course, do it all yesterday.


Can you relate somewhat?

So I have to be careful how I program, or let my training
be programmed.

For example, at this stage in life, I am short on time. My
time is at a premium.

I’m in school or doing school related things 6 hours a
day, 5 days a week.

I attend to my businesses when I get home from school.

And I’m essentially “on call” with a very pregnant wife
who routinely needs my help to do things that she can
no longer do – including watching our boy while she
goes to her doctor’s appointments.

My life is so complex at the moment, my training cannot

That’s why my coach only gives me one exercise to do per
training session. (Sure, the sets and reps can sometimes
be relatively complex, but there’s still only ONE thing to
focus on each session.)

He picks exercises that are necessary for me achieving my

So we have a slightly broad focus overall – in context to
my overall goal, and a narrow daily focus.

You can do the same.

In fact, I argue that you should do the same.

Complexity breeds confusion.

And confusion keeps work from getting done.

And that’s the worst thing that can happen when you have
a goal.

So the key then is to:

1. Know your goal – laser focus in on it.

2. Pick one to three exercises that will help you get to your

3. Structure your training in such a way that your focus
is broad enough to address your weaknesses, yet
narrow enough to actually get work done – to accomplish
your goal.

For most people who just want to get strong and healthy,
I recommend you pick a big bang-for-your-buck exercise.

The double KB Clean + Press is my favorite.

Not a muscle in your body goes untouched.

And the great thing about it is, if you overeat, those calories
get stored for the most part as slabs of extra muscle.

And if you undereat, pretty soon your abs “magically” appear.

It’s a pretty simple exercise with profound effects on your

When you do it, make sure you:

1. Get your technique spot on.

This will ensure that you can lift the most amount of weight
in the safest manner possible.


2. Use a PROVEN program that waves the load so you
can recover between sessions so that you get the results
you want.

(The C+P is very taxing on your body, which is why it’s superior
for producing results. However you can’t just keep lifting
more and more and more – you’ll burn out.)

When you get your copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!” you’ll learn
the most effective techniques for building your C+P in
the DVDs…

And –

You’ll use the “STRONG!” program and it’s 4 phases to
forge a body of steel using the double KB C+P in the shortest
amount of time possible – with a narrow focus and no

Get your copy here.

Talk soon.


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