Which One Of These 2 Press Grips Do You Use?

It’s funny how just simple little tweaks in what you’re already doing can make the biggest changes in your outcome.

For example:

About 10 years ago (Dang! Has it been that long already??) I fell into the trap of looking down at the floor on my ballistics – both for set up and each rep itself.

It never felt natural, even though the “expert” I was studying under at the time assured me, through very spotty science, that it was.

After struggling for another 3 years, I threw in the towel and decided to go back to what seemed natural and what I could justify through the science, which was “head up” and “eyes on the horizon” for these lifts.

And you know what?

It made all the difference in the world.

The KBs started feeling light again.

Same thing with the Press grip.

There are 2 different Press grips.

See the pix below.














Which one do you use?

Me? I prefer the one on the right – where the KB handle is slung on a diagonal across the palm of the hand and rests on the heel of the palm.


First let’s look at the differences in the grips.


























In the first pic, the handle is roughly parallel with the callus line.

There is nothing “wrong” with this grip per se.

It’s just not my favorite.

It tends to “force” people’s wrists into extension, leaking power on their Presses and exposing the wrist to overuse injuries.

“Tends to” is the key here.

Not always. And not for everyone.

However, it’s been my experience that it is “many.”

Some can “overgrip” the KB from this position.

When they do, the neurological bias for the Press tends to be the biceps and the deltoid.

Which is great for getting the Press started, since those muscles move the shoulder into extension.

Some can still press from the lat and keep the shoulders packed. Which is good.

Many cannot.

That’s why I favor the second grip.

The one where the KB handle runs across the heel of  the hand.
























This neurologically biases the triceps and actually the lat (latissimus dorsi – the big muscle running down the side of your back that connects your arm to your body) when pressing.

It’s the triceps that finishes the Press – that’s responsible for the lockout – that point at which the upper arm is above parallel at the floor.

This makes for a stronger, safer, more stable, and even easier Press.

It allows you to “overgrip” the KB easier and is therefore easier on the wrist.

If you haven’t ever used it, give it a shot.

It might feel awkward at first, but the benefits far outweigh the downsides.

Plus, this is the grip you’ll use on the Push Press and the Jerk.

If you really want to fine-tune your Press, your Push Press, and even your Jerk, to get your stronger, faster, then go here.

Talk soon.


PS – Please note: My fingers are sitting on top of the KB handle in these pictures for demonstration purposes only.

You ALWAYS wrap your fingers around the KB handle and crush it when you press.

To learn the most effective techniques for Pressing, go here.

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