Why Dan John *Loves* Bodybuilding And You Should Too, Part 1

Everybody loves Dan John.

(Hmmm… maybe that should be a TV show…)

And if you don’t know Dan, you should.

He’s like the uncle everybody loves. In fact, I sometimes call
him “Uncle Dan.”

He’s just a real likable, smart, and wise guy (wait, just read that
after writing that – not a WiseGuy like the Mob or anything like
that… not that there’s anything wrong with that… fuggedaboutit…)

Anyway, Dan likes bodybuilding.

No, I’m not talking about training for puffy muscles, tanning,
waxing, and posing on stage in your $200 underwear…

I’m simply talking about the process of putting some extra meat
on your bones…

… especially as you age.

In recent years, both Dan and I have been advocating do some
things a little outside the kettlebell box.

Namely, building muscle. (Remember that little book that came
out a couple of years ago – “Kettlebell Muscle”…?)

Now Dan calls it “armor” which, admittedly, I wish I had thought
of cause it just sounds cooler.

Way cooler.

Like Action Hero cool.

Plus it takes away the “ick” factor associated with bodybuilding.

Anyway, why should you spend some time doing some hypertrophy
work (Like that fancy “science-speak”?)

Here’s at least FOUR reasons:

#1. Muscle helps keep your metabolic rate up.

Muscle is some of the most “metabolically active” tissue in your
body. It’s what burns calories. Think about it – if you can’t move
or move well, you can’t burn calories. And when you can’t do
that, your body in its intuitive wisdom decides it doesn’t need
to use as much energy at rest as it once did.

So it slows down the rate at which you use energy on a daily
basis – your metabolic rate.

Taking a look at the opposite side of the coin here, this means
it’s easier for you to get fat. Nice, huh?

#2. It also helps keep your hormonal profiles “young”.

Two of the hormones used in the muscle building process are
testosterone and growth hormone. Men build muscle using both
hormones, but primarily through T, while women build muscle
primarily through GH stimulation.

Both T and GH help tissue repair and regeneration and retard
the aging process.

And who doesn’t want that?

#3. It also helps form a strength “base.”

There are 2 ways to get stronger – grease the groove – which is
to train the skill and to increase the size of your muscle.

Science has proven that the strength of a muscle is directly
proportional to its cross-sectional area.

Therefore, the bigger the muscle, the greater the POTENTIAL
for strength.

Why not take advantage of both mechanisms?

Besides, strength acquired through GTG is lost faster than
strength gained through laying down new muscle.

#4. It makes you look better nekkid.

Look, if you say you don’t care what you look like in the mirror,
I’m calling “BS” on you! Cause if that’s the case – you better
stop shaving (ladies too), stop combing your hair and using
that fancy “product,” and quit showering while you’re at it.

When you like what you see in the mirror, you feel better on
the inside. Plain and simple. Putting a little bit of muscle on
in the right places will help improve that feeling.

*BONUS* #5. It helps with collision/contact sports

Now I don’t know the last time you were tackled or taken down,
but if you’re like me, it’s been a couple of years. But this is a
valuable point Dan makes, which is that muscle helps absorb

So what that really means in “geezer-speak” is that you may not
break something when you fall, trip, or roll down the stairs after
a late night drinking binge… (Not saying you would do that, but
just in case…)

It also means you recover quicker and you can “play” sooner
at full speed, whether it’s on the field or doing office antics. You
get the point.

Next time, I’ll show you a super-easy method to pack on some
real usable muscle that will make your whole body stronger.

Talk soon.


P.S. I think this video really does a great job making Dan’s point
about the whole “collision” thing… (Try not to laugh too hard.)


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