Why Dan John *Loves* Bodybuilding And You Should Too, Part 2

The Simplest Way To Build Armor/Put On Muscle
A couple of years ago, I went to visit my best friend from high
school. It’d been almost 20 years, but we pretty much looked
the same.

After dinner, he whipped out our high school wrestling tapes
to show my wife.

She saw me and said, “You were ripped! What happened?”

(See, chicks dig lean, hardbody guys…)

My lame response was, “That was 20 years ago and I was only

But she had a point.

One of the things I did routinely, which you should do too, to
add a little extra muscle to your frame almost effortlessly, was
a lot of bodyweight exercises.

I did a lot of Push Ups.

And I did a lot of Pull Ups.

That was primarily it.

(Well, some neck bridges too… but I’m not recommending you
jump into those quite yet.)

And that’s “all” you have to do too to get started.

Toss some Pull Ups into your routine. Add some Push Ups
between your Swings.

Do some direct ab work at the end.

I’ve recently had my weight “rebound” up about 5 pounds or so
since doing “Kettlebell Burn EXTREME!” and it’s all in my
shoulders and upper back from doing lots of Dips and Chins
and their variations.

And like I said, my KB work keeps getting better and better and

So don’t be scared to add some muscle by doing some
Hypertrophy/Armor/Bodybuilding work – whatever you want
to call it.
Simple Sample Routine
Here’s one of my favorites, that I don’t think I’ve ever actually shared

You can do it twice a week in addition to your current workouts
or replace some of your current ones.

Set your timer for 10 minutes. (15 minutes is fine.)

Alternate between the following exercises:

Pull Ups and Parallel Dips

– Do ladders of 5,4,3,2,1
– Rest only as needed
– Seek to get more reps each time you do the workout

It’s so simple, you might be tempted to not do it.

But it works.

You’ll notice a difference in your upper body just after a week
of doing it. I did.

Think of it as “Bodyweight Bodybuilding.” All of the muscle,
none of the shame. ;-)

Speaking of “Bodyweight Bodybuilding,” my buddy and fellow
New Jersey native, Zach Even-Esh is a strength and conditioning


And he’s really, really good at it too. One of the things I admire
most about Zach besides his passion for helping others achieve
their goals no matter what it takes is his study of program design.

Zach has masterfully put together a 16 week bodyweight training
program – coincidentally called “Bodyweight Bodybuilding” – where
he details out every set, rep, and exercise, day-by-day and week-by-

And he’s running a sale for the next 3 days just for my subscribers.
(today, tomorrow, and Thursday) as a favor to me because I’ve had
so many requests to put together some bodyweight programs but just
haven’t made the time. (Still managing this fatherhood thing I s’pose…)

Here’s the link to check it out.

I know it’ll make a really nice (and welcome) change to all your
kettlebell work.

I’m betting, that like me, when you get done with a few months of
bodyweight only work, you’re kettlebells will feel surprisingly lighter
when you pick them back up.

Here’s the link for the sale – check it out.

=> http://www.kettlebellsecrets.com/bodyweight

Talk soon.


P.S. One of the things I appreciate about Zach is that he knows
where I’ve been – he’s walked a mile in my shoes with injuries
and all. I think you can relate too…

Check out this sweet bodyweight program he’s put together…

=> http://www.kettlebellsecrets.com/bodyweight

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