Why I Don’t Do High Rep Kettlebell Lifts (And Neither Should You)

Today’s topic may be somewhat controversial, I know.

Some people will listen, and some will send me hate

And some with zero courage will lambast me on some
training forum somewhere under the avatar “kbguru”
while eating their chips and collecting government

I don’t care.

The truth is unless you’re training specifically for the sport
of Kettlebell Lifting, which requires you to do incredibly
high rep sets, you shouldn’t do high reps with kettlebells.

There are 2 reasons why:

1. Decreased power output.

When doing higher reps people tend to decrease the
amount of effort they use. They decrease force output.

And that decreases the amount of work you do.

“Yeah, but I’m doing more reps, so my work automatically
increases!” some will say.

Possibly, except you’ve fallen into a technique that
allows you to conserve as much energy as possible by
shortening the distance you move the bell.

(W=Force / distance)

Decrease your force, decrease your distance, decrease
your work.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know “but more reps = more work…”

We’ll have to settle this argument on a force plate, ok?

Just trust me on this…

Instead, put as much force on every rep as possible by
moving it as fast as possible. That’ll automatically
increase your power output.

And –

2. Increased chance of injury due to compromised

When you do high reps, you get tired. Now you can no
longer just focus on your technique.

You now have to focus on shutting down that little voice
that’s telling you to stop AND focus on your technique.

And that’s a recipe for injury, especially if you’re a newbie.

Focus on your technique and keep your reps between
10-20 for your ballistics and 1-5 for your grinds.


If you want a “harder” workout, cut your rest periods
between sets.

Now, if you insist on doing higher reps, then you gotta be
smart about it.

You’ve gotta plan these things. And look for small increases
over time.

Like my 9 week long “King Sized Killer” Snatch program
in “Kettlebell Express!”


And, you’ve gotta admit to yourself that higher reps can
drain the ol’ proverbial battery almost faster than anything
else you can do.

So, you gotta make high rep workouts short –

Like my “Long Cycle (of Death)” programs which are “only”
20 minutes a day 3 days a week, also found in “Kettlebell


And finally, you gotta take care of your grip – cause high
rep work will chew up your hands so they look like they’ve
been run on a cheesegrater.

Ask me how I know… ;-)

Gotta run.


P.S. High rep training can actually be very fun and very
fruitful IF you do it right – lots of ideas in “Kettlebell Express!”


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