Why I Don’t Do Swings… (*SHOCK! HORROR! GASP!*)

If you follow the teachings of Pavel, Dan John,
and the rest of the RKC, you’re led to believe
that the Swing is the “Center of the KB Universe” –
to quote Mark Reifkind, Master RKC.

Yet I don’t do them.

Well, rarely.

(Four days ago I started again as part of a 28 day
specialization cycle that’s already pulled off about
1.5 pounds of fat – more about that one later…)

Why not?

Because the Swing is the “hinge” pattern – the pattern
that teaches you to fold, or hinge into your hips.

And EVERYBODY needs more of that because it
counteracts sitting all day long, among other

Everybody except me.

That’s because that pattern is so deeply engrained
in my nervous system from 15 years of heavy
Olympic lifting.

So, if you’ve got 15 years of heavy explosive lifting
under your belt – you know, heavy barbell Snatches
and Cleans and their variations, then you can take
it easy on your Swings too.

If not – get busy Swinging!

The Swing really is the foundation of all kettlebell
lifting – just like we teach at the RKC.

And it makes your Cleans and Snatches better –
easier. (Even your Presses believe it or not.)

Every time.

You’ll find an exceptional amount of quick, yet
challenging Swing workouts in here –

http://kettlebellburn.com/quickworkoutsKettlebell Express

They don’t have to be (and shouldn’t be) long to be
highly effective.

Have a great weekend and Happy Easter!


P.S. Since I’m so “good” at the hinge you’re probably
wondering what I do that I suck at – lots and lots and
lots of abdominal work right now – exercises that use
my abs a lot. It helps balance out all the compensations
I had from years of “hinging”.

If I were smart when I was younger I would’ve avoided
all this by doing workouts like Program #31 – “Total Body
Smoker, Push Up Edition” from “Kettlebell Express!” that
mixes abdominal intensive exercises with KBs.

Youth – it’s true – wasted on the young…

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