Why Kettlebell Workouts Don’t Work

I’m just going to come right out and say it –

Kettlebell workouts suck.

That’s right – I said it. (Man, my Mom hates that word…)

I know – how could that be??

I’m the “Kettlebell Secrets” guy, right? Mr. Master KB
Instructor and all that?

What’s going on???

Did I fall on my head working on my Muscle-Ups or

Not yet.

Here’s the deal:

A workout with no context does nothing for you.

And that’s why many if not most suck.

They’re just random acts of variety.

No plan to follow, no map or direction – so any outcome will

And for most people, the only desired result is to check the
box in their planner that says “workout.”


But what about the RESULTS?

Can you look back over the last 3 months, 6 months, or
a year and say definitively, “I’ve accomplished X,Y and Z.”?

If not, you’re just doing workouts.

So how do you get off the “kettlebell workouts” merry-go-


You get yourself a plan. And you FOLLOW it. Regardless
of how you “feel” on any particular day.

Don’t confuse your feelings with facts. The two aren’t always
the same. And many times, they’re not.

Here’s how to tell whether you’re REALLY doing a program
or just doing workouts.

Workouts v. Programs

1. Workouts are based on “feel.”

Programs are based on progression.

2. Workouts have no long term goal or purpose.

Programs have a long term goal and purpose.

3. Workouts give you immediate gratification of being hard
or “killer”.

Programs may have light or easy training sessions in them
to help spur the “results getting” process.

4. Workouts are laden with “variety” so you don’t get bored.

Programs are built around your goal and usually find the
simplest solution is the best, which more often than not means
less variety, rather than more.

5. Workouts leave you feeling “worked out” 9 times out of

Programs don’t care how you feel when you’re done – their
purpose is to help you achieve your goal by the simplest
and quickest means/methods necessary. (If they’re well

By now you know which category you fall into.

The question is, do you want to get MEASURABLE

If not, then by all means, keeping on doing your kettlebell

However, if you’re looking for a change – and actually seeing
change is the change you’re looking for – grab your copy of
“Kettlebell Express!”and get over 49 professionally designed
Kettlebell PROGRAMS.


There are so many programs in here, the results will keep you
entertained and free from boredom for the next 6 years.

Talk soon.


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