Why Tek-Neek Werk Is Stoopid…

hey – whats up?

yer boy Jimmy Big Gunz here.

i hacked in 2 jeffs account while he wuz sleeping cuz he’s
a wussy boy – sumthin’ about needing sleep cuz his baby
girl kept him up all night.

soundz like he’z the baby girl – lolz…

anywayz, I know that jeff’s been talking a lot about tek-neek
werk lately.

all I gotta say is that’s a lotta bull-stuffz, know what i mean??

all you gotta do if you want da resultz is to go heavy, go hard,
get the pump, and then go home and do it all over again

if you wanna be great at liftin – you gotta swing yer KBs until
you can’t swing em no more.

you puke. you wipe yer mouth, and you do it again.

cuz that’s HARDCORE!

and that’s how you get yer resultz – bein HARDCORE –

nun of this sissy-boy tek-neek werk.

that’s for sissies like jeff who need there sleep.

Jimmy Big Gunz will sleep when he’z ded.

lol – know whatta meen?

seriously tho -here’s whats up –

just last night i had a killa werkout –

grabbed me my 40kg KBs and did 107 clean n presses.
(i love the KBs cuz there so hardcore just like me)

i wuz using jeff’s strong program – except it wuznt strong enuf so
i added to it.

i like the cleans cuz they make my gunz grow even bigger
and that’s what the ladeez like – lol.

plus big gunz get u respect and Jimmy Big Gunz is all about
gettin respect, know whatta mean?

anyway – man – it was a killa workout.

i think for a meer mortal his strong program would be a killa
but not for Jimmy Big Gunz – lol – too HARDCORE.

if you want a killa werkout too – you should get jeffs strong

xcept dont try to do what yer boy JBG does – i’ve been doin
these KBs for a long time now – 3 whole months.

plus – jeff will send u the sissy tek-neek werk DVD stuff 2.

which on second thoughts – if you wanna be as hardcore
as yer boy Jimmy here – u should probably use it.

that way u 2 can lift da big stuff, impress the ladeez and
get ur respect. :-)

ok – dats enuf from me – gotta go to the doctor now – low
back and shoulders are killin me.

probably from my new mattress…. whaddya think?


yer boy – Jimmy Big Gunz

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