Why The FDA Approves Poisons In Your Food, Water And Supplements…

You heard me right. The FDA and most Governments around
the world APPROVE the use of different toxic chemicals in
your food, water and even supplements.

You’re probably thinking I’m some sort of conspiracy nut

So let me tell you a very personal story.

My dad is a Vietnam Vet. While in Vietnam he was
exposed to Agent Orange, which was a defoliant designed
to kill trees, leaving the enemy nowhere to hide.

When he returned state-side, they sprayed the flight line
with the stuff to get rid of mosquitos.

20+ years later it was discovered that the majority of
Vietnam Vets exposed to Agent Orange got Type 2 Diabetes,
heart disease, AND various forms of cancer.

Good stuff, right?

Well guess what?

My dad hit the jackpot – he got all three.

And he’s had health issues for as long as I can remember,
probably partially due to his multiple exposures to Agent

And would it surprise you that according the the US EPA that
Agent Orange wasn’t “meant” to harm humans?


And would it also surprise you if one of the largest food
companies in the world, responsible for manufacturing
and promoting, and preventing legislation against GMO
(Genetically Modified Organisms) foods, Monsanto,
manufactured Agent Orange for the US government?

So forgive me if I sound like some sort of conspiracy nut,
but I don’t trust much of what the government tells me,
especially when you know that those jokers in Washington
play by a different set of rules:

Not subject to Obamacare. Not subject to Social Security.
Lifetime full salaries upon retirement, etc…

So would it come as any real surprise if I told you that
instead of making sure the corporations NEVER
 leave any
kind of toxic compound in their products…

…the FDA actually works WITH the companies in order to
figure out the “safe amount” of poison that can be allowed on

your fruits, veggies, cereals, milk, and anything you eat or


After spending some time testing the effect of a certain water
contaminant, pesticide or GMO food on rats, they slap the
“GRAS” (Generally Recognized As Safe) status on that toxic

(This is depressing… I know. But this is the world we live in,
and the fact that you’re reading this important email right now
proves that you are among the few who are taking action and
getting educated.)

That is why — according to the FDA, of course — it is perfectly

”safe” to have the following toxic chemicals in your food,
water and supplements:

– The average apple can contain 42 different pesticides, and
19 of those can potentially disrupt your hormones…

– 88% of the corn, 93% of the soy, 90% of the canola and
54% of the sugar produced in the US has been genetically
modified — and the effect of GMOs on human health has

been documented enough that dozens of countries want to

ban them…

– Your tap water contains Atrazine, a dangerous herbicide
banned by the European Union the exact same year it was

re-approved in the US…

– Your protein powder can contain any amount of heavy
metals, because the FDA doesn’t even test those…

OK, let’s say that these chemicals are at a safe level, and that
your body is strong enough to get rid of them.

But the question is… what happens when they stack up?

No Government or regulatory agency steps up to provide
an answer.

In the meantime, the American Red Cross took samples of

fetal cord blood from 10 newborns and found a shocking
287 chemicals inside the samples.

(Chemicals that are NOT supposed to be there, that is…)

This of course really chaps my butt since we just had a
baby – my daughter is 8 months old. And as healthy as my
wife eats it makes me wonder about her future health…

So whether you like it or not, our environment is getting
more and more toxic.

The ONLY way to fight back, demand better food, better
water and cleaner supplements is to get educated on the

Here’s something else that’ll twist your noodle:

Your liver is supposed to detoxify chemicals and metabolize
drugs, and burn fat (among other things).

Is it really a stretch then to imagine that if you’ve been
struggling to get rid of body fat that your liver may be over-
burdened with toxic chemicals from eating the wrong foods -

Foods filled with fillers, additives, preservatives, dyes, and
other chemicals that aren’t supposed to be there?

That’s why I STRONGLY recommend you check out the new
research that Anthony Alayon has done. He exposes the truth
these ingredients and gives you the solution to help you
start burning fat in less than 24 hours.

Check it out now:

==> 101 Toxic Food Ingredients (get educated, get healthy)

The stone cold truth is you can be proactive about your
food and water – your health – now, or you can be reactive
later, once your health has failed you.

My family and I have chosen the former.

I hope you will too.

Talk soon.


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