Why The Snatch Killed My Shoulder And How I Fixed It

You probably don’t know this because a) I’m very private and b) it was embarrassing at the time and for a couple of year after.

The thing was, every time I snatched with my left hand, I’d get about 3,4,5 or so reps in and I’d get this nasty twinge in my left shoulder.

Just had to put the bell down.

And then my shoulder would ache for a week.

“Dude, why didn’t you just do some mobility work or correctives?”
… you might be wondering…

… Man, I lived in “Corrective Exercise Hell.”

I did TONS of them.

Shoot… From 2002 thru 2009 they made up the majority of my training as I progressively lost muscle mass and got weaker and weaker…

This shoulder thing was around 2010 early 2011 or so or thereabouts. Truth is it almost always hurt, it’s just that so many other things hurt, the noise was “drowned out.”

I was doing what so many of us were taught (shoot, that I taught) to do with the backswing – point your thumb back.

I’ve written at length and probably pissed more than a few people off over the years writing about why I think this is just stupid.

“Coincidentally” I was watching some Kettlebell Sport guys and I noticed that one guy was doing Clean + Jerks and his thumbs were pointed FORWARD at about 45 degrees instead of the “party approved” way.

And he looked fine to me – he was banging out high rep C+J’s with a pair of 32s.

So, I figured, what the hey – lemme give this a shot on my Snatch.


No more shoulder pain!

It was gone!

And since then, I no longer point my thumbs back on any of my ballistics.

What do I do now exactly?

More on that in tomorrow’s email.

In the meantime, did you know there are at least FIVE different Snatch techniques?

That’s right.

And one size doesn’t fit all.


That’s why I cover 4 out of the 5 in “THE BIG 6.” So if you’ve been struggling with the “High Pull” style, no worries, I’ve got 3 others you can use.

[+] The H _____ S _____ C ____ and J _____.
[+] The S _____ S ______.
[+] The “E _____ T _____.” (This one is a weird one, but works like a charm.)

And yes, ONE of these 4 almost always work for everyone.

(Ok, sometimes it’s a combination of two of them – one up and one down like my wife, who I trained for her RKC back in 2009.)

If you’re struggling with your Snatch technique, get “THE BIG 6” Today.

You’ll figure out which one of the 4 techniques works best for you.

Time’s a wasting though – just over 24 hours left.

Get “THE BIG 6” Retirement Package here.

Stay Strong.

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