Why “Working Out” Is A Sure Path To Nowhere… Fast.

I took last week relatively “off” from my workouts.

Just futzed around – a little of this, a little of that.

It was a good thing too – I was pretty wiped out.
It was that deep kind of tired – tired to the bone.

You ever get that?

It seems to be a regular occurrence in my life over the last
3 years – little ones will do that to you.

The reason it was an “easy” “futz-around” week is that it was
a transition week between programs.

The week before was a really heavy week – the last week in
a 4-week cycle that my coach wrote for me.

4-week cycle?

Why 4 weeks?

What’s the magic behind the 6-week cycle?

Why not a 6-week or 12-week cycle?

Look, I could go into some scientific stuff here and tell you
the benefits of a 4 week versus a 6-week versus a 12-week
cycle are –

There are benefits to each, depending on the goal and
structure of each.

But that’s besides the point.

The real point is there are still too many people not using
these cycles…

… Not putting any sort of planning or forethought into
their training programs.

Training program?


“I just work out.”

Exactly and precisely the problem.

Too many people are still “working out.”

Yeah, I know, I throw around the term “work out” frequently
but only because it’s part of the common vernacular.

I can assure you that my ideas of “working out” are much
different than most.

The problem with “working out” is context.

If your workouts aren’t part of a broader, structured framework
leading to your ultimate goal, I can state unequivocally that

you will never reach your goals.

It’s like driving to a destination you’ve never been without a
map or directions.

It’s just… Stupid.

Sure, you’re in the car, and you’ve gotten going. And you
have a vague direction that you need to head west, because
after all, California is west, right?

But that’s about it.

Sure, you’ve picked up your kettlebell and you’ve started
swinging or get-upping.

That’s a great start.

But without some way to overload your body in a methodical
manner, there’s a very good chance that if you stick with this
you’ll be disappointed in your end result.

Sure, like driving west to California, you could stop and ask
the odd random stranger or gas station clerk the best way to
get from where you are to where you want to be, but you’re
limited by their experience.

You may get out of the city you’re in and onto the next major
highway but that’s about it.

That’s why in the “olden” days we used maps and today we
use the iPhone directions app or the satellite navigation thingy
that you throw on your dashboard.

Because those things know how to get you to California.

Same thing with programs versus workouts.

WORKOUTS are what you do TODAY.

PROGRAMS are made up of logically sequenced workouts,
like a map, where the directions are laid out in advance by
someone who knows how to get to where you want to go,
or better yet, been where you want to be TOMORROW.

What’s the BEST program?

It’s the one that aligns with the results you desire.

Most of the people I talk to want a mixture of “fitness” and
“fat loss” –

Where “fitness” = feeling young, strong and healthy again…

And “fat loss” isn’t necessarily a “6-pack” or a “bikini body”
(although those things wouldn’t be bad), rather a leaner,
tighter version of yourself – much like when we were

The best method to do that for many busy people using
kettlebells is to simultaneously work on your strength and
your conditioning with slight modifications in your diet, to
shift your body from “fat-storing” to “fat-burning

That’s one of the reasons “Kettlebell STRONG!” works
so well for ordinary busy people.

It’s relatively time-efficient.

It focuses on all the “big” muscles in the body, making you
use as many calories as possible.

And it’s broken up into 2 different programs that can be
used interchangeably with each other – the “STRONG!”
and the “One” programs.

The “STRONG!” program is between 18-36 weeks depending
on how many times a week you do it.

The “One” program is a 5 to 8 week program, again, depending
on the frequency, that can be used over and over and over

The two programs work phenomenally well together on a
4-day cycle like this –

Mon / Thurs – “STRONG!”

Tues / Fri – “One”

The best part of it is that it’s a proven program that yields
phenomenal all-round results for all who use it.

It’s not uncommon for people to double or even triple, and
sometimes quadruple their original RMs on the “STRONG!”

That’s the power of planning – of cycling – of a PROGRAM
versus doing a bunch of workouts.

Program = Results.

Workouts = Crapshoot.

Get with the program.

Get “Kettlebell STRONG!”.

Talk soon.


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