Why Working Out Should Be Viewed As A “Business”

I had a frank conversation with one of my long-term
(and therefore successful) clients today about how
most people view working out as “entertainment”.

(Most people will miss this – however, they go
hand-in-hand – Long term and Successful.)

It was about viewing exercise as entertainment
instead of an ROP. (Results Oriented PROCESS.)

Sure, your workouts should have some modicum
of fun (did I just really use the word “modicum” in
an email…?) but they should really be treated
like business.

… The business of getting results.

So this bouncing around from workout to workout,
from exercise to exercise has gotta stop if you ever
even hope or dream of seeing some kind of long
term results.

And no, I’m not talking about losing one pound this
week or adding an extra rep to your Press ladder.

Those things are good, and are known as “small
victories” but the results you’re looking for are when
you can look back over a specified period of time –
say 3 or 6 months – and see MEASURABLE

Here’s a case in point:

I was doing loaded Parallel Dips on Saturday as
part of my training session. I worked up to a heavy
set of 3.

Now in the past, I’ve really sucked at these – at least
for the last 10 or so years.

But lately I’ve been hitting Ring Dips REALLY hard
in order to get my Muscle Up.

And I’ve been looking for ways to make the exercise
more difficult, so I’ll do them in an L-Sit or with a pause
at the bottom, or both.

So Saturday, I worked my way up to adding an additional
100lbs to the Dips, with my arms in a “Rings Out” position.
(Much harder than regular position Dips.)

Now, that’s not something to write home about cause
adding an 100lbs to your Dips is really child’s play in the
world of serious strength.

But the point is, it was a start. And it was seriously


Because I haven’t been able to load up like that since
about 1994 or so.

And I was able to do that by sticking to a few exercises
and doing them consistently.

I wasn’t doing them for the entertainment value or because
I was bored.

I’m looking for a result or a series of results and I’m on
my way to getting them.

And you can and should be too.

It’s really simple – so simple that most people are blinded
by it.

All you do is remember the Mantra –

“The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.”

You want to be entertained?

Me too.

Let’s go to the movies or out to dinner with friends.

You want results from your workouts?

Me too.

Let’s keep it all business – be consistent and measure
your results.

To do that, you need a plan, or better yet, several sequential
plans to get you where you want to go.

Here’s where you make that happen in way less time
and with way less distraction than you thought possible.


Talk soon.


P.S. Remember, at the end of the day, NOTHING is sweeter
than being able to ENJOY the achievements of your hard
work, whether it’s dropping 25 pounds or pressing the next
sized pair of kettlebells or breaking 220 on the SSST.

The only way to do that is to be “all business” about your
workouts. And successful businesses run on plans.

Here’s a bunch of “business plans” for you:


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