Why You CAN’T Lose Fat Doing Swings

I know, I know… That seems highly controversial especially
since the swing is billed as “fat burning athlete builder.”

Well it is… Until it isn’t.

Let me explain.

The Swing is the entry point to the kettlebell universe. It’s
the most basic of exercises. And a great one at that. It’s
the foundation for all kettlebell lifts.

But just like a house isn’t solely the foundation alone,
there comes a time when you’ll want to build the rest
of the house and actually move in, decorate, and actually

Sure, when you first started out, all you had to do was a
bunch of swings or one of those swing challenges and
the fat started dripping off.

Until it didn’t.

You had to do more and more and more and more and
more swings to get the same fat loss you once did with
maybe as little as 100 a day.

Let’s be honest: Do you REALLY want to spend up to 60
minutes a day doing swings?

Didn’t you get into this whole kettlebell workout thing because
you were tired of the hour-long workouts?

Why’d everything change?

Why’d the fat loss slow down to a crawl and even stall?

What happens is that you become so efficient at doing
swings, they no longer have the same impact on your body
they once had.

They no longer create the same demand on your body
as they once used to.

And so they no longer stimulate the fat loss they once
used to.

The same reason you quit doing long slow cardio and
exchanged them for swings is the same reason you need
to swap out your swings for something else.

What’s that something else?

In reverse order of effectiveness:

3. The Snatch

“Just” using one KB, this puppy when done right will
melt that extra layer of butter around your belt line in
short order, especially when done with a moderately
heavy weight –

– 24kg for men, 32kg for strong men
– 16kg for women, 20kg for strong women

2. The Double Clean + Push Press

2 KBs = twice the “pain” and twice the effectiveness.

Picture this: The swing is just a hinge with the arms along
for the ride. (Sure, they grip the bell, but they’re supposed
to be relaxed.)

The Cl + PP there’s a hinge, a partial squat, and then a
push over head, then you catch the KBs back in the rack
absorbing with the legs – another partial squat.

And that’s just one rep!

That’s a lot of effort!

And you can tell with your heart rate too!

No muscle goes untouched in the Double Clean and Push

And because of that, a lot of energy is required in the form
of stored butter body fat.

Men start with a pair of 16s. Strong men use a pair of 24s.
Women with a pair of 12s. Strong women use a pair of 16s.

As great as the Clean + Push Press is for fat loss, it pales
in comparison to the #1 fat burning KB exercise…

1. The Double KB Clean + Jerk

The Double KB Clean + Jerk is one of those schizophrenic
exercises – it can be used to get really strong, to build muscle,
to improve your conditioning, and to strip off body fat like
paint thinner on an old piece of furniture.

In fact, in terms of fat loss, you can think of the single KB
Swing as an Eagle Scout and the Double KB Clean + Jerk
as a Navy Seal.

Think I’m exaggerating?

Then why is it that some of the Russian Special Forces
units – Spetsnaz – some of the deadliest Spec Ops members
in the world – use the Double KB Clean + Jerk?

For its simple, sheer effectiveness.

Rumor has it they do multiple sets of C+J’s with a pair
of 24kgs for sets of 20-30 at a clip.


Because of the wiry, resilient, super-lean, super-strong
frame the Double KB Clean + Jerk produces

(Image: Spetsnaz trooper. Ok, maybe you won’t be able to
do this from doing Double KB Cl + J’s, but you can dream…)

So if you’re fat loss has stalled and your tired of doing swing
after swing after swing, jump on over to the “hard side” and
start doing Double Clean + Push Presses and Double Clean
+ Jerks.

How do you learn how to do them?

Well, you can screw around on “YouTube University” if you
want and take your chances or you can get on the “fast track”
and learn them both from watching the DVDs and reading
the book that make up “Kettlebell STRONG!

Who knows? Maybe when you’re done you’ll be “Bad-A$$”
enough to flip over barbed wire and throw an axe while
upside down at your enemy…

Or maybe you’ll just make it home in time for dinner with
a smile on your face and an extra kiss for each of the little
ones… LOL.

Gotta run.


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