Why You Need To Adjust Your Kettlebell Swing Stance…

I love a good omelet – how ’bout you?

I can never seem to make them right at home and the
best ones are found at diners, imho.

Friday, I went out to breakfast with my friend Matt Turcola.

(You may remember him from the “Kettlebell Burn
EXTREME!” special report – the 47 year old dad of 4
who got back down to his high school waist size.)

Anyway, I got an awesome omelet – salmon, spinach,
and cream cheese.


Matt and I were talking about the double KB lifts –
particularly the Swing and the Clean and the subtle
nuances between the two.

We both agreed that the Swing is much harder than
the Clean but neither of us know *exactly* why.

I ventured the guess that the Clean is just more
“natural” – it’s almost exactly what you would do with
a load that you straddled with your feet that wide –

You’d either lift it to your waist or sling it over your

The Swing on the other hand just kind of hangs out
in front of you – kind of like a 3rd wheel – you know, that
person who’s hanging out with you and your significant
other when you want to be alone in a social setting.

You really wish they’d leave but they won’t and you
don’t want to be rude by asking them to…

So we were talking about the awkwardness of the
stance of the Double Swing.

For me personally, my Swing stance is wider than
my clean stance, probably by a good 8-10 inches.

That actually allows the bells to float a little longer
at the top of the Swing than if I use the same stance
as my Clean – especially if they’re a heavier pair.

And that’s the key for producing more power –
getting those puppies to literally hang right
there in front of you – instant feedback.

The difference in stances is startling actually.

Give it a try and you’ll see.

It’s kind of like making an omelet at home versus
having one made for you at the diner.

The one at home is alright – you’ll eat it cause you
feel you must.

Whereas the one at the diner is absolutely delicious
and you’d gladly eat it again.

Double Swings with a wider base is the diner omelet.

You know the other great thing about diners?

They make really great food, in no time flat, at an
affordable price. (Which is especially great when
you’re busy.)

“Kettlebell Express! ULTRA” is the diner of double
kettlebell training programs.

Where else can you get over 50 professionally “cooked”
double kettlebell workout programs each for less than
a cup of diner coffee?


Answer: Nowhere.

Grab your copy today while it’s still 30% off.

And make sure you use that wider stance on your
Swings – Your posterior chain will thank you.

Off to get a cup of coffee.


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