Why You Should NOT Buy “Fix My Shoulder Pain”

I’m going to be up front with you cause it’s Friday and neither
one of us has time to mess around –

I’m going to take the rest of the morning off and take my family
to the park before my afternoon clients and you have a weekend
to get ready for.

So I wanted to get this off my chest so you can cruise into your
weekend guilt free.

Here’s why you should NOT buy “Fix My Shoulder Pain.”

1. Price.

It’s TOO cheap. It must be no good or the information’s out of date
or there’s something wrong with the program.

I AGREE 100%. I think this program is WAY too cheap.

Less than $20? Are you kidding me?

Sure, I know it’s 50% off cause it’s a launch price and the price
will double on Saturday.

I actually think Rick and Mike should be selling “Fix My Shoulder
Pain” at an introductory price of AT LEAST $47. At least.

Well, like I said, I’ve reviewed the product and it’s all good stuff.

Rick covers key points that we’ve used here in the KB community:

– the importance of the lat for shoulder health
– the importance of breathing to reduce tension in the shoulder
– the importance of thoracic spine mobility

… and more

So I agree, “Fix My Shoulder Pain” is TOO cheap, but the information
inside is valuable.

So if you’re having shoulder issues, I’d literally take advantage of
Rick and “steal” his program today for less than $20. Apparently
the price doubles tomorrow.

(Maybe you’d feel better paying MORE for it – that’s cool too.)

2. “I’ve Never Heard Of Rick Kaselj”

Yeah, I’d never heard of him either until July 2010 when I joined
a group of like-minded fitness/health pros.

What impressed me most about him was the sheer burning passion
he had about helping people overcome their injuries. The guy was
a fanatic.

He had all these ideas to bring what he’d done with his clients to
the masses.

I admired that.

You know what else?

None of us had heard of Pavel Tsatsouline 15 years ago either.

And if you’re reading this email (and you are, duh) then it’s because
you’re either using kettlebells or interested in using kettlebells.

And you can thank Pavel for that.

He is without a doubt the Father of the Western Kettlebell Renaissance.

Wal-Mart now carries kettlebells because of Pavel.

Late night TV now runs kettlebell infomercials because of Pavel.

So just because you haven’t heard of somebody today, doesn’t
mean that others haven’t and that they might not change the world

If you have shoulder issues, now would be a good time to let
Rick introduce himself and his ideas to your world.

3. “This isn’t FMS / CKFMS.”

I agree, it’s not.

You may have invested a lot of blood and treasure into getting
CK-FMS or FMS cert. I applaud you for that. I know you want to
be a better trainer and help your clients out.

I like to look at commonalities that systems and coaches have
instead of differences.

It allows me to put more tools in my tool box and refine my
understanding of how the body works.

As I mentioned earlier, there are already a lot of similarities
between what we teach in the RKC and FMS and CK-FMS and
Rick’s “Fix My Shoulder Pain.”

There are also some differences too.

And for a “whopping” $20, you might learn something new
to not only help you out with your issues, which, let’s be honest,
is why most of us who went to CK-FMS went –

– to fix our issues first and then our help our clients out.

For example – Fascial stretching.

I’ve never done it, and when I went through CK-FMS it wasn’t

After reviewing the FMSP I think this could be a valuable add
on to your toolbelt.

And look, let me point out the obvious, FMS / CK-FMS is not
the only game in town.

Yes, it works for some, even many, but not for all.

In fact, I got a text yesterday from one of my friends who’s on
staff with the FMS about Rick. He’s known Rick for a couple
of years and is on board with his stuff.

So if an FMS staff member can get on board with what Rick’s
trying to do – help out the general public – you should be ok
with it too.

Grab your copy of “Fix My Shoulder Pain” here to add to your

4. “Marketing FMSP is “beneath” us as a community.”

Ok, let me ask you a question:

When was the last time you benched over 600lbs in a legit
powerlifting meet?

Oh yeah, we don’t bench anymore…

Mike Westerdal, who’s helping Rick launch this product, has
benched over 600lbs in a sanctioned powerlifting meet.

He has also used Rick’s system to fix his shoulder injury.

In fact, that’s one of the reasons this product came to exist,
cause a guy who’s STRONG – like us –

(Ha! Who are we kidding – I’ll NEVER bench 600lbs + and
you probably won’t either – so Mike is STRONGER than us!)

– was impressed enough with his results that he felt compelled
to share that with others.

So, if it’s good enough for a big-time strong powerlifter like
Mike, it just might help one or two of us out.

(Just as an aside, Mike got my last email and asked me
what FMS / CK-FMS was – apparently he’d never heard of

If you want to know how someone stronger than both of us
combined fixed his shoulder, and how it might help you out,
grab your copy of “Fix My Shoulder Pain” here.

Ok, that’s if for me – off to the park with the family…

Talk soon.


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