Why You Should NOT Use Kettlebells

I know.


If you pay attention to the rest of the fitness world – you know,
the ones who are addicted to fat burners, pretend to be drill
sergeants, and want us to believe they’re as strong as they are
without using steroids, then you’d think that KBs were “just”
a tool and that there are much better tools, like the barbell.

Look, I’m the first to admit that I absolutely LOVE the
barbell, but it doesn’t love me. Not anymore.

When I was younger, we had a long and tumultuous

But we were constantly fighting. Eventually I had to
just walk away because I was the one who was
getting beaten up all time.

And I didn’t get any apologies either.

Good thing I had the trusty KBs.

I remember a dark period about 7 years ago where the
ONLY thing I could do was KBs. And a little bit of body
weight stuff.

All the barbell work just plain hurt – and hurt bad.

(Yes, I know, “badly” for you English majors out there.)

The only thing that saved me from that deep dark hole
of depression was because I could do heavy single
KB work.

In fact, there are many, many folks who have been hurt
so badly from prevailing fitness or strength dogmas
that the only things they do now are KBs –

Because they are the only things they CAN do without
jacking up their bodies again.

One of my very good friends is a case in point:

Former college gymnast. Former ultra-distance guy.
Former bodybuilder. Former powerlifter.

He’s done it all. And has the permanent injuries to
prove it.

The only thing he likes to do – in fact the only thing his
body likes him doing is kettlebells.

But if he listened to the mainstream, he probably shouldn’t
use KBs cause their just a “conditioning” tool.

And if he listened to the majority of doctors, he shouldn’t
use them because he could hurt his back.

Funny thing though, he had already hurt his back
using barbells. And the KBs are what FIXED his back.

Which brings up a very good question:

What’s the REAL advantage of using KBs over the ol’
fashioned barbell?

For a very simple reason that I’ve never heard anybody
talk about –

The barbell makes your body conform to it.

That is to say, the barbell locks you into whatever
movement you’re doing. That means if you’re asymmetrical
(And who isn’t?) you get the pleasure of more often
than not creating more and more movement dysfunction.

Cool, huh?

So if you’re like my friend who had a knee that didn’t
bend or straighten fully, and then loaded up with a
barbell on your back, you could see how this could
be a bad thing.

The kettlebell on the other hand works with your body
or conforms to your body, allowing you to work around
these compensations and not keep engraining them
deeper into your body.

An example is doing a barbell front squat v. a KB front
squat. Anyone with poor wrist and shoulder flexibility
/ mobility knows what I mean.

Sure, you can go heavier with a barbell FSQ over a
KB FSQ (FSQ = Front Squat), but at a cost.

Plus, the KB FSQ has a perceived higher effort level
when compared to the bar with the same load.

And let’s not even talk about upper body work.

Ok, let’s do.

Say you have one elbow that hyperextends and one
that doesn’t fully extend. (A-hem.)

Putting weight up overhead with both arms locked on
a bar WILL cause you problems further downstream –
lower back or hips maybe.

But with a pair of KBs overhead, your arms move
independently – naturally accommodating for any
asymmetries you may have and decreasing the
potential problems that can arise in other places
in your body.

So you probably should not use kettlebells if you
think the rest of the fitness / strength industries have
got it right.

And you definitely shouldn’t use them if all you think
they’re for is “conditioning” or they’re an “endurance”

However, if you’re open to the unlocking the FULL
POTENTIAL of the kettlebell, to experience all that it
can do for you –

– help you fix asymmetries so you can relieve tight
hips, aching back, and nagging shoulders

– get you “real life” strength so you can bend, twist,
turn, and even hang on for dear life if you need to

– strip off unwanted body fat so you can stop feeling
frustrated when you see your reflection in the mirror

– give you newfound energy through better conditioning
so you can get more work done during the day and
have energy left over for your loved ones

– and even pack on some good ol’ fashioned
muscle so you can boost your metabolic rate and
eat more of the foods you love…

Then check out the “Kettlebell Burn Inner Circle” where
you’ll discover the best ways to accomplish ALL these


And you’ll do it faster then you thought possible.

And the best part is you don’t have to –

a) wonder if you’re doing the right thing, because
you’ll have expert guidance

b) wonder if you’ll experience any results, because
you’ll see them PDQ (Pretty Darn Quick).

So stop messing around and hop aboard the Gain Train.


Talk soon.


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