Why You Should NOT Use Your KBs Today…

Do you know what today is?

It’s one of THE most important days in the history of the
world, yet, I dare say, most of the world has forgotten it.

I think today – or at least today three years ago – three
short years ago changed my life.

Revolutionized it really.

Today is June 6th.

Three years ago, I realized a dream that I’d had for about
4 or 5 years.

I visited the beaches of Normandy.

Today is the 69th anniversary of D-Day – the day that
changed the history of the world.

And before you say “that’s nice” and go on with your
day – I want to share how today can and WILL change
your life – if you let it, if you want it to.

69 years ago today, Operation Overlord commenced.

Nearly 160,000 Allied troops – US, British, Canadian,
and others stormed Hitler’s Fortress Europe to break
innocent people free from the vice-like grip of a psychopathic

Thousands of brave young men died on the beaches of
Normandy – willingly gave their lives – so that you and I
could live in freedom today.

On one beach – Omaha – over 3000 men died, cut to
pieces by German machine gun fire.

At Pont du Hoc – the 2nd Ranger Battalion scaled a 100ft cliff
face – jamming their K-bar knives into the rock face – climbing
hand-over-hand, carrying up to 160lbs of gear on their
backs, soaked to the bone by a storm and choppy seas.

They lost 60% of their men in a 2-day battle to hold their

I was fortunate enough to visit Omaha and Utah beaches,
Pont du Hoc, and the American Cemetery.

Here’s a pic:

And I promise, this story has a point, so bear with me.

Here I am 3 years later living a life I can barely believe.

What I’m about to tell you is intensely personal, and may
even offend you. That’s not my intent, so forgive me in

My only desire is to show you what is possible.

Since visiting Normandy, my life has radically changed.

First and foremost, I saw God heal my wife of a medical
condition that prohibited her from getting pregnant, which
she did in July of 2010.

You may not believe in God, that’s your right, but I do.

And that’s why we welcomed our son in April of 2011.

Since then, I’ve been blessed in so many ways and areas:

– My reach with this newsletter has tripled at least, helping
encourage people with simple, effective training programs

– I’ve been able to travel teaching the RKC and now SFG

– I’ve been able to fully rehabilitate all my old injuries with
the discovery of Original Strength and set new personal
records over the past 3 years

– I’ve been able to travel (like I’m about to do today) to
share Original Strength with others

– I’ve been able to change my business model in order to
support my family, so my wife can stay home from work

– And I’ve been able to move from North Carolina to
Colorado to undertake a new direction in life.

I had barely scratched the surface of the dream life I’m
living now.

Is it all roses and cherries?


But it is very, very good.

And I trace a lot of it back to being able to go to Normandy
and truly understand what happened there.

(Well, that, and God answering my prayers. Visiting
Normandy on the anniversary and paying my respects
was one of them.)

I personally believe every single American should go and
visit that place. And even Europeans.

For what occurred there changed the history of the world.

If Operation Overlord didn’t happen or had failed, today’s
world could be a very different and much less free place
to live.

So what’s all this got to do with you?

And with KBs?


Just as it was my dream to visit Normandy – and do it on
its anniversary –

I encourage you to dream – DREAM BIG.

Take the day off from working out. Put your KB down.

Go dream a big outrageous dream.

And then figure out what you need to do to achieve it,
and don’t let anything stand in your way.

Pretend you don’t have any limitations.

And then step out in faith to live your dreams.

You only have one life to live.

And you’re important enough that others gave their lives –
at Omaha Beach, and other places since then – so that
you can live your dreams.

You may be afraid.

That’s ok.

We all are at times.

The difference between success and failure – achieving
your dreams and pining away in mediocrity is simply
courage – having the ability to act in spite of your fear.

Just like those soldiers did 69 years ago today.

So put your KBs down today.

Spend your workout dreaming big dreams.

And then figure out a way to go live them.

You’ll be happier.

And that means the world will be happier too because
you’ll impact it more than you are now.

Here – let me help.

I want to go to Africa and Australia cause I love to travel.

And I’m figuring out ways to make that happen next year.

Sure, they’re dreams, but I’ve already lived my Normandy
dream. (I hope to go back there next year for the 70th

So I’m looking forward to realizing these dreams too.

Finally, and most importantly – I’m no different from you.

You have gifts and talents that I don’t. Gifts and talents
that people not only want, but NEED.

And giving them away is your first step to starting to
achieve your dreams.

That’s if for me today – I’ve gotta get ready to head to the
airport for an OS workshop in Modesto.

Oh yeah, one more thing – almost forgot to tell you – I’m
about to see another dream of mine come true –

We’re expecting our second child. :-)

Now who says you can’t live your dreams?

Talk later.


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