Why You STILL Can’t Lose Fat… (And How To Fix It)

A couple of years ago I had a big problem:
I got fat.

Almost overnight.


Well, I kept banging away at movements that

And eventually, my inflammation levels and
overall stress levels were so high, I couldn’t
train the way I was used to and I woke up

It sucked.

Big time.

So what did I do to change the situation?

Well, I honestly assessed it and quit lying to

That and I started doing exercises that were
actually good for my body.


Cause pain and movement dysfunctions rob
your body of its normal ranges of motion.

And that makes you compensate, making small
muscles – stabilizers – do the work of your main
muscle groups.

It’s basically like painting yourself into a corner.

You’re body just plain ol’ WON’T LET you burn
fat until you take care of these issues.

Why not?

Because it is intuitively designed to protect itself
from yourself.

Think about it for a second:

You’re supposed to use muscle group X to do
exercise A. And that group uses a ton of energy.

But instead, you’re using muscle group Y and
not only does it not use a ton of energy, but
you’re actually using it incorrectly.

This actually is working against yourself.

A real simple example is doing the Get Up with
tight hip flexors.

Those tight hip flexors affect everything from
the way you roll up to your elbow to how you
hold the bell overhead.

Ultimately, you can’t lift as much, you don’t burn
as many calories, and you end up wasting a lot
of time.

What you need to do is address your areas of
weakness (there are four common to pretty much
everybody – hips, abs, shoulders, and neck)
and then and ONLY then should you tackle
a fat loss program.

That’s exactly what we do inside the “Kettlebell
Burn Inner Circle.”


We actually set you up for success by saving the
fat loss program for month 3 – “The Common
Sense Fat Loss” program.

Losing fat becomes easy because your body
is primed for it – you’re not fighting against

If you’ve struggled to get the fat off, don’t
worry, you can fix it. I’ll show you how.

It’s pretty easy really, once you understand
the mechanisms behind it.

At the end of the day you can keep banging your
head against the wall, or you can make the necessary
changes to you kettlebell training and finally
start seeing some results.


Talk soon.


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