Why Your Hormones Hate You And Want To Keep You Fat

It’s true.

Your hormones hate you and want you to stay fat.

Ok, kind of.

See, your hormones don’t really care about you, they just
respond to what you do to your body.

For example, take a second and look down at your pants –

Do you have fat hanging over your belt or at least squooshing
into your waistband?

I hated it too when I had it.

That’s from too much cortisol, among other things.

It’s a stress hormone that signals your body to release insulin,
the storage hormone. (Oh no! We better horde all the calories
we’re getting cause the Mayans said 2012 was the end of
the world and we’re gonna need some food to live off!)

Ok, now reach around your sides and see what you can

Yeah – those lovehandles?

I hated those too when I had them.

They’re from among other things, your body releasing too
much insulin.

And it releases that under two conditions:

1. In the presence of sugar


2. In the presence of stress, as a result of cortisol being

Yeah, I know, I HATE that too.

And there are two things, in the following order, that help
keep you fat:


See, even putting that word in all caps with an exclamation
after it makes you kinda angsty. (It does me anyway.)

When you’re always running around stressed out, your body
releases cortisol, adrenaline, and insulin.

All of them, without getting into details, slow and even
stop the fat-burning processes.

One of the ways it does that is through…

2. Food.

The more stress you’re under, the more likely you are to
to make poor food choices. Especially, sweet, sugary
carbs. Ever heard of comfort food?

Yeah, that’s right – who eats a steak for comfort food.

No one. That’s who. It’s always something sweet or maybe
salty and it’s always carb-o-liscious.

And did you know that workouts are a form of stress to
your body?

So, your fat loss workouts could actually be making you

Especially if they’re longer than 30 minutes.


Did you know that you will actually burn just as much fat
if not more when you shorten your KB workouts?

I mean, REALLY shorten them – like 60-90 PER WEEK?


Here’s the scoop.


Talk soon.


P.S. It’s true, you can and will burn more fat using shorter
KB workouts. A recent study published in the American
Journal of Physiology confirmed that subjects who exercised
60 minutes at a time lost 8.4 pounds of fat mass.

Subjects who exercised 30 minutes at a time lost 8.8 pounds
of fat mass.

Why would you do twice as much work for less results?

Well, you would if you loved your lovehandles and that belly

Get it them off with these:


P.P.S. People think losing belly fat, lovehandles, or any other
trouble spots is merely about working out more and eating

It’s not.

It’s all about managing your hormones.

Check it out:


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