Why Your Workout Results Are “Meh…” (Not What You Might Think)

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We are notorious for not reading directions or stopping to
ask for directions.

Seriously, when was the last time you put something
together and read the directions all the way through without
looking at just the pictures for more than about 30 seconds?

Mm-hmm. Thought so.

You do it. I do it.

And ladies, you’re just as bad so don’t be all gloatin’ n stuff
thinking you’re better than us.

Both sexes are equally as bad when it comes to KB training.

Guys will stick primarily to a loose interpretation of the
strength work and ladies will do nothing but swings – cuz
you hafta get your cardio in ya know.

I remember when I ordered my first set of KBs back in 2002.

As I eagerly awaited their arrival I practiced the snatch with
a dumbbell. Working up to 130lb for 5 a side, I thought the 70lb
KB would be no problem-o.

So what’d I do?

Did I watch the “Russian Kettlebell Challenge” video (yes, it
was a VHS tape back then) or read the book on the subtle
yet profound differences between the DB and KB snatch?

Shells no.

I yanked that puppy out of the box and without a warm up,
ripped that thing overhead – after all, it was almost half of what
I was doing with a DB… AND I was an Olympic lifter – what
could I possibly learn that I didn’t know already?

I figured it out pretty darn quick as the KB stalled bottom’s up
and then came crashing down onto the back of my wrist.

Holy Pain, Batman!

It felt like someone whacked me with a baseball bat and the
instant goose egg proved it.

Being a stubborn son-of-a-gun I did another rep, with the same

That’s when I put the KB down (read: “almost dropped”) and

read the book and watched the VHS.

(Back then there were no RKCs or KB instructors to go to for a
form check.)

Lack of technique or a refusal to study it is probably the NUMERO
UNO reason why people don’t get the results they want.

(Well, OK, it’s tied for #1 with STRENGTH.
The two are like the conjoined twins of the “results-getting” world.)

Without good or even great technique, you’ll never get really

Without good technique you’ll always have fear, reservation, and
doubt about whether you can perform X, Y, or Z lift without hurting

And without good technique, you won’t be able to apply the

appropriate amounts of force (strength, again) to maximize your

lifts, to get the results you’re looking for –

Like losing a boatload of blubber – which is predicated on your
ability to do high quality work.

So what do you do?

You compensate by using crappy form and aiming for more

It’s like the difference between classical art like Rembrandt
and modern art like, well, it’s all garbage to me.

Those more reps are low-quality junk work that will ultimately
end up getting you injured.

Then of course you tried those kettle-ball thingys but they hurt
you so you don’t use them any more.

Here’s the deal:

In many cases you can get faster results by – and I know this
might sound profound – almost Zen-like -

Slowing down and refining your technique.

Think about it:

Faster results by slowing down.

By being patient.

By focusing on each and every rep…

… Instead of just rushing through your workout to check the
box in your DayTimer. (Do people even use those any more?
I’m so 20th century…)

The KEY then to losing fat, getting stronger, or improving your
conditioning, and even building some muscle is to slow down
and make sure your technique is not necessarily perfect, but

You can get away with “loosey-goosey” with the single KBs
for a little while.

Not so with the doubles.

You’ll get hurt.

And when you do, your results will no longer be “Meh,”
they’ll grind to a stop.

That’s why you need to get a copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!.”

It’s 3.5 hours of video footage covering the details of double
KB lifting, including:

– the Double Snatch
– the Double Swing
– the Double Front Squat
– the Double Clean
– the Double High Pull
– the Double Press
– the Double Push Press

And the one that gives EVERYBODY trouble –

The Double Jerk.

(And of course the Double Clean + Jerk.)

PLUS, there’s an 89-page “filler-and-fluff-free” book covering
common mistakes and how to correct them, including
weak-point training – WHY you might have those mistakes
and what to do to correct them.

Slow down and grab your copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!”

Then your results will go from “Meh” to “Hell Yeah!”

Talk soon.


P.S. I went to my RKC back in 2005 because of a technique
issue –

No matter what I tried I couldn’t do the 2 Hand Swing without
my lower back hurting.

1 hand stuff was fine.

Turned out I needed some professional help even though I
was a professional.

And I was glad to get it.

I’m willing to bet you could use some professional help too.

Get it here.

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