Why You’re Not Seeing The Results You Expect From Your KB Workouts

Alright, no messing around today.

Going straight for the jugular.

It’s not that you’re a bad person or kill kittens or anything
like that.


It’s the “F-word” my friend.

No, not THAT “F-word” although that may slip from your
mouth after you finish reading this email.

See, most people who are using KBs – probably even you –
are missing this very critical element in their training.

And it keeps them chronically frustrated.

(No, not that “F-word” – although I hate that one.)

They start out trying to get stronger and they end up on Viking
Warrior Conditioning.

Or they buy Kettlebell Burn to lose fat but refuse to change their
eating habits.

Know what the “F-word” is?

Give up?


– the act of concentrating interest or activity on something

– the state or quality of producing a clear visual definition

– become concentrated into a sharp beam of light or energy

(Ok, that last one is a little astronomical but we can extract some
benefit from it.)

Key point here:

– concentration of interest, vision, energy, and activity

Now let me ask you something:

Are you concentrating all your interest, vision, energy, and activity
on your goals?

Or are you just winging your workouts cause you can’t get clear
about what it is you really want?

Well I’ve got some bad news for you my friend, until you get clear
you’re always going to be bouncing around from one workout to
another, “trying” this and “trying” that.

Before you know it another year will have disappeared and you’ll
still look the same, feel the same, be the same, only one year
older and slightly more frustrated and prone to giving this whole
kettlebell and exercise thing up.

You don’t want that do you?

Of course not.

At least I hope not.

So pick a goal.

Write it down. In detail.

Not just “get stronger” but rather, “Press the 36kg” or “Snatch
the 32kg for a set of 20.”

Or maybe “lose 10 pounds over the next 6-8 weeks and fit
into last year’s swim trunks.”

Whatever – just right it down and be very specific.

Now write down the behaviors you have to change in order
to reach your goal and write down the things you should be
doing to reach your goal.

And you know what they are –

If you want to get stronger, you gotta stop with all the high rep
Swings n stuff. You gotta lift some heavier weights. And you’ve
actually gotta REST between sets.

If you want to get leaner, you gotta stop jamming crap into
your piehole. Push your plate away. Drive past the drive-thru.
Stop being a slave to your tastebuds.

And do some serious work. Learn how to do as much work in
as little time as possible – that’s one of the keys to burning off
that excess butter.

And it’s really just that simple.

Speaking of burning off excess butter –

If you’re ready to FOCUS on what it is you really want, I’ll give
you an extra helping hand.

For today only I’ll give you my incredibly popular “Kettlebell Burn
2.0″ system for 50% off

That’s right – the WHOLE program – workouts, journals, nutrition,
3 day Metabolic Accelerator, exercise videos – the whole enchilada.

Yours – to help you FOCUS – HALF off – for TODAY only.

You download the program today. You read through it today and
tomorrow and email me any questions you may have about it.

This weekend you do everything you need to do to prepare to
start on Monday. And when Monday roles around –

BAM! You get started.

And for the next 16 weeks, you will have FOCUS.

You will get STRONGER.

You will get LEANER.

You will look BETTER.

You will feel more CONFIDENT.

You will be HAPPIER.

All because you will FOCUS.

It’s THAT simple.

Get focused today. See results by the end of next week.

Talk soon.


P.S. You’re probably wondering why I’d be willing to practically
give away “Kettlebell Burn 2.0″ at HALF OFF for today only.

It’s simple really – if you’re American you probably ate too much
and drank too much yesterday even though you didn’t intend too.

And today you’ll probably be feeling guilty because you find
yourself one step further away from reaching your goals. I want
to help you get focused because after all, we all want the same
thing – look better, feel better, be better at everything we do.

And a lot of that can happen when you just FOCUS on one thing
for a pre-determined period of time – like 16 weeks.

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