“Will _______ Still Increase Lean Muscle And Burn Fat?”

This is a question a lot of people have.

Replace the _______ for the name of the KB program
you’re thinking about doing.

My answer?

I don’t know FOR SURE.

Honestly, I don’t.

And for a guy who’s supposed to know “everything” that’s
not a very comforting answer.

Why don’t I know?

Because I don’t know YOU.

I don’t know your training background.

I don’t know your injury history.

I don’t know how strong you are currently.

I don’t know how fat you are currently.
(That sounds so un-PC.)

I don’t know your fitness level.

I don’t know how many KBs you currently have or whether
you can or are willing to buy more.

I don’t know your schedule.

I don’t know your work ethic.

I don’t know how what KB exercises you know how to do
or whether you’re interested in learning more.

I don’t know if you’re willing to change your eating.

I don’t know if you self-sabotage or live with someone who
encourages you to do so or just encourages you.

I don’t know how much sleep you get or don’t get.

I don’t know what your life priorities are – whether this whole
KB thing is a passing fad – just another thing for you to “try”
or whether you’ve been using KBs for years and are committed
to using them.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Here’s what I DO KNOW:

I know that any program can work if designed and applied

I know principles of program design that will produce
change (in some cases – rapid change) regardless of your
goal and how to write highly effective programs.

I know that if you control the food you put in your mouth
and when you do so, you will become leaner.

I know that if you focus on getting stronger, and combine
that with sound nutritional strategies, you will get leaner.

I know that a full-out fat loss program takes commitment.

… And planning.

I know that you can do anything you put your mind to
doing and commit to follow through, regardless of perceived
obstacles or supposed limitations.

I know, that all things being equal, the least complicated
solution to any problem will probably be your best approach.

I know the fastest approach to fat loss has a lot of moving
parts that many people can’t seem to juggle.

I know that the human mind is prone to distraction…
What was I talking about…?

Oh yeah, distraction…

… which is why many people don’t finish what they start
and never truly fail to get the results they say they want.

And finally –

And this will screw with your head –

I know that many people (hopefully not you), will jump from
“solution” to “solution” to their problem, mistaking the action
of jumping from solution to solution as actual progress

… Instead of sticking to one solution, drilling down, doing the
work, and actually seeing progress.


Here’s what else I know:

If you want to get strong as an ox (and even slash off
some fat with very little effort) using a pair of KBs,
then this one is the best.

Your results?

They all depend on:

A. Your willingness to follow the programs in their
entirety without getting distracted.

B. Your willingness to make the necessary changes
in your life as dictated by the programs to help you
get the results you say you want –

i.e. food, sleep, effort levels, stress management, etc.

Oh yeah, last thing I KNOW FOR SURE:

YOU can do ANYTHING you put your mind to doing
and not stopping until you accomplish it.


Talk soon.


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