Workout Ideas For When Life Is CRAZY

Sorry I haven’t gotten the newsletter out this week – my
life has been crazy.

Not normal crazy but what I call “life-threateningly”

Last Tuesday, I was in a car accident. Car was totaled.

Girl lost control of her SUV entering the freeway and
swerved uncontrollably into across the highway, over-
steered (on ice mind you) and “jack-knifed” her truck
right in front of me so I hit her driver’s side head on.

Pushed her into the guardrail and she bounced off
it and bounced back into my driver’s side rear
quarter panel.

Good times. Thank God we were both fine.

The insurance guy said the other 7 accidents he was
investigating that day had different outcomes.

Then Sunday night we had to rush my 10 week old
daughter to the ER because she was having difficulty

She was admitted and stayed in until Monday evening.

And yes, thank God, she’s perfectly healthy.

So between, insurance, rental cars, looking for new
cars, running back and forth to the hospital, and being
the sole provider for my almost 3-year old son, life’s been
a little hectic.

And nope – I’m not complaining. Our life is very, very
good. We are truly blessed.

However, working out / training, has taken a back seat
(understandably) in the last week.

Now sometimes, life is like this for a season.

It seems like your plate is not only full, but things are
dropping off the edge as you walk the tightrope of your
schedule, while wiping sand from your eyes, from a
harsh westerly wind blowing across your path and
shaking the wire upon which you walk.

What then becomes of your workouts?

How do you justify making – taking time away from all the
“shtuff” you have to do – that MUST be done?


At the end of the day, if you aren’t making small deposits
in your “strength bank” eventually you’ll be overdrawn
from giving everyone and everything else your strength.

So you have to make time for yourself.

Even if it’s only a couple of minutes a day.

Here’s what I recommend:

1. Do 5-10 minutes of OS resets a day.

2. Do a very simple strength program twice a week.

“Only” twice a week?

Yup. Probably once during the week, and once on the

What kind of work do you do?

Depends on your goals.

Personally, I’d pick an easy goal.

A goal that doesn’t require any sort of crazy re-arrangement
of your schedule.

So fat loss would be right out.

Stick with strength. Get as strong as you can so when it comes
time to do something else, like a fat loss program, you have
a nice base from which to build.

Here’s what your workouts could look like:

– 5-10 minutes OS resets
– 10 minutes of technique work with some basic KB
– 20-30 minutes of strength work
– 5-10 minutes of relaxation work for “cool down”

What kind of strength work do I recommend?

I keep it simple and stick with the basics.

As you know, I’m a BIG fan of the double KB work.

As far as big-bang-for-your-buck, you can do no better
than the doubles.

I’d pick the Clean + Press.


Because it’ll make your whole body strong in short order:

Back, shoulders, hips, legs, arms, grip.

ALL of it.

There’s 46 weeks of great Clean + Press programming
get you from struggling with a 4 or 5RM to doing 60
easy reps with that same pair of KBs inside “Kettlebell

Get your copy here.

Gotta run – TON of work to catch up on.

Talk soon.


P.S. You know, one of the worst things you can do
when you’re time-crunched is to try and make up your
own workout programs.

That just steals your time and adds to your stress levels.
Big time.

Do yourself a favor – invest in yourself the so you can
keep investing in others and run your race strongly –

Get yourself a copy of “Kettlebell STRONG!” here.

ALL the programming is done for you. And when you
have a few minutes here or there, watch the videos
and get your technique up to snuff too.

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