Workouts That Don’t Make No Sense

Yer right – that grammar don’t work none neither…

But that’s not the point.

Workouts have to make sense.

And that’s Secret #7 I learned from Alfonso –


Now that’s not a justification or license for you to
do stupid workouts.

(I covered stupid workouts last week.)

Take a closer look at this secret – cause it’s PACKED
full of Golden Wisdom:

“Can” – there’s a possibility

“If” – also another possibility

“Applied Properly” – you have to know what you’re
doing in the first place

So, doing a sets of heavy Presses alternated with
high-rep Snatches in the same workout – STUPID.

Get Ups for sets of 10 on each side – STUPID.

Just because you’re using a kettlebell doesn’t give
you some sort of magical license to violate all known
laws of human adaptation and therefore program design.

You do know what those, are, right?

If not, go here –

Which brings me to Secret #8 –


Take a close look at that one cause it took this
“brainiac” – yours truly – only about 15 years to
finally accept this.

I remember complaining to Al that my workouts were
“only” 3 days per week.

“Why can’t I do more?” I’d gripe.

“Because you have the stress of work, bills, etc.
that the Russians and Bulgarians didn’t have,” –
paraphrasing Al’s response.

So your programming – your workouts must match your

If you’re a millionaire kicking back (I applaud you)
then you can probably throw your kettlebells around
6 days per week and still make progress.

For the rest of us, not so much. The stress of life
compounds the short term negative stress of training
and interferes with the adaptation process –

Which means you’re not going to get results.

That also means, the last thing you should do if
you’re finding life stressful is increase your workout
intensity, frequency, or duration, let alone some
combination of the 3.

Yet another example of workouts that don’t make no

Here are a some great workouts that make perfect
sense –

Back tomorrow to wrap up the final 2 secrets from
“The Cuban.”

Plus, if you’re a guy, keep an eye on your email this
weekend – I’ve got a special freebie coming your way.
(Sorry ladies.)

Talk soon.



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